[SCAN/ENG] EXO-M at Ceci Magazine September Issue


Charms/appeal: The maknae who is working hard no matter what he does. The romantic kungfu panda. He is Chinese.

Pre-debut: I was casted through the SM auditions in China at Qingdao. Before debuting, my hideouts were mainly Qingdao’s beach, Starbucks, I was a public cafe member.

Kungfu panda’s sport cult: Constantly for 11 years. Everyday I do yoga, run and do some stretching. If I exercise, I’m happy all day.

The genes you want to thank: The overall feeling of my face is like my mom’s and my personality is like my dad’s.

The rules in EXO-M’s dorms: The life in the dorm is unrestricted.

To Xiumin hyung who took your place looking like the maknae: I’m ok with it, I don’t really care about it.

I’m ranked 1st for this: Abandoning my baby face and gaining sexiness. I hear from time to time that I look like a vampire but my personality is gentle.

The ideal type that makes my heart sway: A pretty woman. I saw her today on our way to the shooting set, at the convenience store. I think it was memorable because she gave off a warm and soft impression.

If you find a girlfriend: I’d do anything she wants.

Tao’s secret the managers told about: I like to dress very naturally at the dorm, sometimes they’re very surprised. Since I look confident and comfortable, they’re embarrassed, but don’t say anything. It must be because it’s a confident body.

My charming point: My dark black hair and eyes. My dark circles are also alright in their own way.

To the me in 10 years: I hope you lived while realizing everything you hoped for and that you lived while feeling happiness everyday.


Charms/appeal: cutie oldest hyung Xiumin, Korean, his real name is Kim Minseok.

Xiumin’s hideout party: he’s going to have a comfortable pajama party, inviting the originator of the pajama, Super Junior, and you of course have to have chicken and pork hocks, ramyun and ddeokbokki.

Xiumin aka Baozi: Luhan gave him the nickname ‘Baozi = Dumpling’, since everyone calls him Baozi, he might even change his name soon.

If I had to give myself a nickname: Sticky rice cake? Mochi? (T/N: Sticky rice cake in Japanese).

The thing that surprised me the most in China: the fact that everything is big. I was also surprised that I’m now addicted to the ‘Suanlafen’ (T/N: It means “sour spicy noodles” in Chinese)noodles I couldn’t eat at first because it was sour and spicy.

In the plane going back and forth between Korean and China:I fall asleep even before floating above the clouds. Sometimes, as I’m half awake half asleep, I get mixed up and think ‘So we still haven’t taken off yet?’.

Plane lullabies:
1. Adam Lambert’s ‘Cuckoo’
2. Jam Hsiao’s ‘Don’t Know How To Love’
3. The liveliest song these days PSY’s ‘Gangnam Style’.

The dorm’s view: Intellectual Kris reading a book, Luhan perfecting his Korean with dramas, Lay lifting up his own mood by singing, Tao spinning his nunchaku while stretching, Chen singing along, me watching everything.

The ideal type that makes your heart sway: When she smiles brightly while looking at me.

The thing you got interested in lately: Puzzles. I want to increase the level of difficulty and challenge a very difficult puzzle.

The members’ virtue you want to steal: Kris’ height, Luhan’s brightness, Lay’s music sense, Tao’s muscles, Chen’s singing skills.

To the me in a year:Always thank the people who help you, without being lazy, I hope you will be even brighter than now and work even harder.

To the fans: The thing I want to ask you is to be healthy.

To the members: We are one!


Charms/appeal: A charming leader who is like vintage wine that slowly gets deeper, born in Canada, is Chinese, has a brain that has a command of 4 languages.

My Seoul hideout: the beef intestine restaurant next to the company, it’s sad because I avoid eating meat, but diet is fate.

Hideout party gift: A coupon for a one day freedom.

A gift you want to receive from the members: Nothing. I’m always satisfied with the present moment. If another member wants one of my belonging, I can give it all. Ah, I’m sorry, but it’ll be difficult for the book I read or my notebook. I have to play games on my notebook and watch movies and dramas as well.

The drama you’re a big fan of: I watched tvN’s ‘I Need Romance’ with my heart throbbing. KBS’s ‘Iris’ is still entertaining after replaying it a few times.

Something you cherish: The fans’ letters. I read all of them slowly, but I still have difficulties with abbreviations, slang, and cursive handwriting, so I’ll have to practice my Korean more.

The moment I am sexy: Before going to sleep. When I wash up and brush my teeth. My face isn’t swollen up then. And because a man who works hard is cool.

The ideal type that makes your heart sway: Nice, with a lot of love, looking like an angel.

The thing that surprises you the most these days: The many fans we have gotten even though we debuted only 4 months ago. I’m always thankful.

To the fans: For yourself. I hope they won’t forget that they’re living for the people who love them. “I want to tell them that ‘Life is a happy thing’. We’re satisfied with this feeling and expression, even if it’s just in letters.

To the members: Xiumin, you’re the same age as me but your face looks too young, it gives me stress. Luhan, same for you. But I still love you. Lay, admit that thanks to your dance, I gave up on being lead dancer. Chen, I envy your high notes. Can’t you lend me your voice just for a day? Tao, your dark circles are too severe, but that’s your cool charm, don’t worry.

As a leader in the company: Trust me


Charms/appeal: Chen is a boy with sense and a voice that can handle the highest notes, he’s Korean, his real name is Kim Jongdae.

Chen’s hideout party: We absolutely have to play Truth or Dare, of course.

Hideout party gift: I’ll take out a travelling coupon during the last lucky draw time, and since I’ll be inviting, I’ll choose to go to Jeju.

Seoul hideout: The cane juice bar next to the dorm. During Kris’ birthday, we affectionately took off a bone.

The members’ secrets: Xiumin hyung is tidy. Really. A lot. (laughs)

The Chinese classroom of Chen who learns quickly: Since I’m still a beginner, the nuance and the expression are very important. And with ‘Hao’(=Good) you can say quite a lot of things.

An item you want to bring back from China: Skewered scorpion. I think I want to spread widely this crispy texture and amazing experience.

If you became a movie’s hero: The role of the male protagonist, Leo, in the movie <The Vow>. He’s dreaming of beautifully achieving his love. I chose it because I want to like her more than she likes me.

The ideal type that makes your heart sway: A woman who is pretty when she smiles. A cool woman who leads me.

Your 11 months of training: I thought a lot about whether it would cause problems, but I can only be thankful that we debuted safely and are receiving a lot of interest.

Your first impression of the members: Since they were all considerate and took good care of me, who joined the team last, I was sincerely thankful to the hyungs. Contrarily to his chic image, tenderhearted and shy Tao was cute.

Three wishes you pray for: 1. My family and members to be healthy. 2. A happy life. 3. Dating and weddings for the manager hyungs.

The members in 10 years: Tao is announcing he’s going to be an action actor in parallel, Luhan hyung and Lay hyung are dominating variety programs, wouldn’t Kris hyung work as an actor too? I think Xiumin hyung will find a beautiful family first, for some reason I get this feeling. (laughs)

To the members (who are your hyungs): It’s our time to work hard! I have a lot of things I want to tell them.

Dance to Chen is: As for today, it’s a 4-dimensional wall. (T/N: A wall he can’t pass because it’s in another dimension)


Charms/appeal: Offstage he’s quiet and introverted but when he goes on stage, he’s a man full of confidence, he’s Chinese.

Lay’s hideout party: A social party with a classic mood with piano playing, I like chatting quietly.

The Korean food you like: Samgyeopsal (T/N: Pork belly barbecue). A spicy sausage stew with the ingredients EXO-M’s members like is good as well.

Lay’s Korean life: The different cultural perspectives were interesting. For example, in China, you greet each other by shaking hands; in Korea the juniors greet the seniors by bowing, Korea is a country where manners are important.

Your dorm life: None of the members eat breakfast. If we have schedules, we wake up at 5~8AM, on our resting days, we eat our first meal while sometimes looking at the sunset outside the window, the manager hyungs leave the dorm and we spend the day playing bowling or by going to the restaurant.

Your hobbies: Luhannie plays football games, Xiumin and Chen are absorbed in Diablo, the game Tao plays is childish so I don’t even know what it’s called.

If you changed your superpower: Because I think that my healing power is the best, I don’t feel like changing. While working, I can have a part-time job as a doctor. It wouldn’t take much time anyway so I think I can handle it even if I have a lot of schedules.

Because EXO-K exists: I’m reassured, fighting together, playing together.
The ideal type that makes my heart sway: A woman smaller than me, with long hair, with big eyes and kind

If you were contracting a ten billion won insurance [what would you insure?]: Waist. My waist isn’t good to dance so I go to the hospital, if I get an insurance, the ten billions are mine.

A person you admire: Teacher Lee Sooman who gave us heartfelt good words from his experience. I want to become a person with a broad outlook like that.

The members’ secret: Since we’re all honest and have frank personalities, we show truthful sides. What? You’re telling me they said other secrets? Haha… Woah. Unbelievable. That’s betrayal!


Charms/appeal:  Sparkling pretty eyes, Luhan whose blank expression is charming, he’s Chinese

Luhan’s hideout party: I think it’d be fun if we had a sports party after playing football at the stadium. The guests would be Ronaldo, Beckham, Rooney and manager Ferguson, lastly it’d be fantastic if we invited the female singers they like.

Pre-debut: I was going to the Yonsei school. I got a casting offer as I was shopping in Myungdong. That was in 2008, when I was 18. Until I was 14, I was dreaming of the Manchester United while playing football, but my parents opposed strongly, so instead they directly allowed me to become a singer.

The advantages of my superpower: Telekinesis makes life a lot more comfortable. It’s tiring to not have it now.

When you look in the mirror: When I compare the appearance of my eyes, nose and mouth, I feel like it’s an harmonious face.

When you think you’re manly: All the time, every minute, every second, I’m always a gentleman.

The ideal type that makes your heart sway: Long hair, white skin, comfortable rather than fancy

If you go to the convenience store: I’ll keep an eye on the cup ramyun corner

If you go on vacation for a week: Rather than where I’m going, who I’m going with is more important. If I’m with my family, anywhere is good.

My charming point: It’s pretty when I smile subtly. So my dimples and eyes.

To the me in 10 years: You should get married.

Your future plans: While preparing for the album released this autumn, we will promote in parallel in China, tomorrow we have to prepare for the SM Town concerts in Indonesia, Japan and in Korea, I’m looking forward to it.

Trans by: emilie @ exok-trans
Scan by: Team
Please take out with full credits.

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