[SCAN/ENG] Ray Li Apparel and Beauty Magazine September Issue with EXO-M

EXO-M The Flower Boys are Coming!

The flower boy group, who have gained explosive popularity throughout Asia merely by releasing a single, have participated in the “Ray Li Apparel and Beauty” birthday party! This time we are going to completely resolve EXO-M’s secrets which are currently receiving attention; let’s have a listen to the interesting stories of their life together!

Handsome Rapper Tao
Birthday: 2nd May 1993
Speciality: Kungfu (11 Years), dance, singing

Skilful Lead Singer Chen 
Birthday: 21st September 1992
Speciality: Singing, piano

Dance Genius Lay 
Birthday: 7th October 1991
Speciality: dance, piano, guitar, singing

God of Cuteness Main Singer Lu Han
 20th April 1990
Speciality: Singing, dance, football, Rubik’s cube

Cheeky Vice-Singer Xiumin
Birthday: 26th March 1990
Speciality: Singing, taekwondo,  fencing, dancing

Grave and Stern Leader Kris
 6th November 1990
Speciality: RAP, acting, basketball, languages (Mandarin, English, Korean, Cantonese)

“EXO-M” are 6 boys in a subgroup from 12-member boy group, EXO, introduced by SM ENTERTAINMENT in 2011. EXO-M are a Chinese-Korean mixed group, created by a Korean company which mainly relies on Chinese members. This fresh method of debuting has attracted all types of curious and expectant eyes. The debut song “MAMA” has received even more countless awards – they’re the hottest idol group right now!

“Our recent wish is to win the 2012 Newcomers award” by all members
“I like simple European styles or formal wear” by Kris
“I love eating Grandma’s cooking the most” by Tao

Flower Boy Boy Group, EXO-M’s Talk Show
Now commencing a new challenge.
Finally landing on the huge performing arts stage (by debuting), how did you feel before this?
All members: Before debuting we went through a long period of waiting; during this time, in order to be even better, we practiced continuously. But because we didn’t know whether we could achieve all our aims after debuting, we’ve always felt nervous – but of course this feeling also brought endless thoughts of looking forward to the future.

What is the most unforgettable moment you have had since debuting?
All members:  The most unforgettable moment was our debut stage in China on 8th April; we were very excited, nervous and happy to perform on the same stage as many mainland seniors. Something which is also unforgettable was the fact that no matter where we went, there were enthusiastic fans who were waiting for us, and welcoming us.

Why was the song “MAMA” chosen as the title song of this album?
All members: Because this song has a story behind it, it narrates how EXO were born, how the 12 people were split into 2 groups and are doing activities in different places. No matter whether it’s from the song’s style, or in respect of the lyrics – all of these factors relate very well to EXO.

How did you feel when debuting in China?
Lay: Because I’m Chinese, being able to debut in China made me very happy.
Chen: I was super happy to be able to debut on this vast land of China. Just like this, we can bring our music to even more people.
Lu Han: I was very happy to be able to debut in China.
Tao: Thank you to the company for letting me debut in my mother country. I feel very honoured, and at the same time very thankful.
Kris: It’s so awesome!
Xiu Min: It’s a completely new challenge, I’m really looking forward to it!

The eyes of the members in each other’s eyes
Use one word to describe your personality.
Lay: Stubborn.
Lu Han: Easy-going.
Chen: Cheerful.
Xiu Min: SO COOL.
Tao: Random.
Kris: Tough.

Please describe the other members’ strong points and charms
The members say: if you hang around with Lu Han, he makes you feel very comfortable and relaxed; Lay’s focus is very strong, he becomes really absorbed in a task (for example: practising dance); Chen always maintains a positive attitude; Xiu Min always loves to be clean, he’s good at tidying up; no matter what Tao does he’s very serious; Kris has a very good leader potential – he’s good at making decisions.

Share what you “love the most” to everyone!
When you’re busy, what do you do to relax yourself?
Members: We would usually exercise, or play games, watch movies, listen to music, go shopping, read, or practice singing or dance.

Do you like any movies? Celebrities?
Lay: Stephen Chow, Andy Lau, Jackie Chan, JJ Lin, Wang Lee Hom, Jay Chou, Khalil Fong, Louis Koo, Justin Timberlake. I prefer action films.
Chen: I like Jay Chou. Film-wise, I like “The Avengers”.
Lu Han: Bruno Mars. ” The Shawshank Redemption”.
Xiumin: JJ Lin. “X-MEN”.
Kris: I like all films, there’s quite a lot of celebrities I like as well. It’s difficult to say who I like the most.
Tao: I like all good films! Celebrity-wise I prefer Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee, Jet Li, Donnie Yen etc.

“A kind and cute girl who treats her parents well will move my heart” by Lay
“My ideal girl is a quiet, long haired girl” by Lu Han
“Ray Li Magazine is the best. The readers of Ray Li are the best~ I hope everyone likes this issue!” by Xiu Min
“We all really like SNSD and f(x) from our country” by members
“I like the comfortable clothing style the most” by Chen

What Chinese food do you like the most?
Lay: I like anything yummy.
Xiu Min: Sweet and spicy shredded pork.
Kris: Twice cooked pork.
Lu Han: Roast duck.
Chen: Lamb kebab.

When you live together, will you make food? Whose cooking skills are the best?
Members: Yes we will! Lay makes it most of the time, he’s our chef.

Resolving secrets that cannot be told~ oh! 
Are there any interesting stories?
Members: Lay likes to make food for everyone. Once, he made food and asked Xiumin to eat it, then asked whether it was good. Xiumin took a bite and said it was good. Lay asked him to take another bite; Xiumin took another bite. Later, Lay asked him to eat more, but Xiumin said he was full and couldn’t eat anymore. Lay felt that if something tasted this good, eating just a little bit didn’t make any sense, so he tasted some himself, and found out that it was too salty…

Everyone say some blessings to our readers.
 I hope everyone can support “Ray Li” magazine, support EXO-M a lot.
Kris: Hello, hello everyone! Are you alright? I’m really well~ We rea~lly hope that you guys like this issue’s contents, I hope you will be happy everyday!
Lu Han: I’m really happy to be able to be in this magazine’s issue. We worked hard during the photoshoot, I hope you will like it.
Chen: September is my birthday! Here, I wish all readers whose birthday is in September a happy birthday.
Lay: I hope that everyone will get to know us through this magazine’s issue, at the same time as supporting “Ray Li,” support us a lot too, alright~

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