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if you want to apply, please fill this form out:

  • Name of Site:
  • Link to Site:
  • Affiliate Button (88×31):
  • Description:

and leave comments here make sure you have linked us first here are our banners that you can choose :

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<a href=””><img src=”; alt=”SMTown Jjang♥” /></a>

thank you so much^^

-smtownjjang admins-

113 responses to “Affiliates

  1. i’m from ELFes Favourite ( and i would like to affiliate with you..

    name:’ Favourite
    taglibe: we’ll give what you want – anythin’ bout Super Junior

    and due to you last meassage to me, on april via twitter, just noticed,

    @the13flowerboys Hello 😀 Can you promote us, please? We’ll bring the latest updates related to SM Town. Thank you~ ^^

    how can i help you..
    just mail me.. thanks

    • we’d like to affiliate with you too, guys.. but our affiliate page is still under-construction. we’ll inform you when it’s ready ^^

      and, about the promotion that we’ve asked before. we only want you to ask your followers to follow us, or maybe retweeting our tweets. thank you~^^

  2. sorry if i have to ask a question here but… how come your affiliate button doesn’t appear on our forum? here’s a screencap:

    i copied/pasted the code correctly but that link with the keeps on appearing. so the image doesn’t show. help please! thanks!

  3. Iwq09 (SONEternity), snows, Super Junior Online, 501island
    added 🙂 dont forget add us too on your site ^^
    thank you

    • Hi, hyo32.
      Sorry for our late reply, but we can’t add you to our page because your link isn’t working anymore. Please give us your new link site. Have a nice day 😀

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  5. * Name of Site: Lollipop World

    * Link to Site:

    * Affiliate Button:

    * Description: Lollipop World is a Spanish blog made for kpop fans, by kpop fans, a site where all gossips, news, music, MVs, pictures, jokes and crazy kpop stuff have a place.

    –> You can see your button here:

    Regards!! =)

  6. Hi! I want to affiliate, but I don’t have a button yet. Sorry sorry. I’ll try to give one soon.

    Name of Site: KPOOOP: From the viewpoint of a human paperdol
    Link to Site:
    Affiliate Button (88×31): None YET
    Description: A site completely dedicated to filling the thought bubbles of KPOP fans alike. We review rookie groups, new albums and share information about idols as well.

    • Hi, nu elf.
      Sorry for our late reply, but we can’t add you to our page because your link isn’t working anymore. Please give us your new link site. Thank you 😀

    • Hi, special1oo4. Thank you for adding us to your site.
      Sorry for our late reply, but we can’t add you to our page because your link isn’t working anymore. Please give us your new link site chingu. Have a nice day 😀

  7. Hello smtownjjang!
    my name is cris, Im admin of iheart5uperjunior. I wanted to inform you guys that we have moved to a new home address. You can find us at
    With that said, I’ve also taken liberty in naming you guys part of our partner family.

    If it is no hassle here is our official banner
    it is not the size pix in which you request for affiliation, but I hope you will make an exception:)

    Thank you

  8. You should check out my website, I tried working in a bit of SEO but it didn’t
    go very well
    Bookmarked your site, lets hope you keep up to date with regular

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