Girls’ Generation Announces 2013 Japan Concert Tour

Girls’ Generation’s Japanese fansite has just confirmed a Japan concert tour for Girls’ Generation in 2013. Though a schedule for the concert tour has yet to be announced, fanclub membership applications for fans living in Japan will open September 5th after 12 o’clock noon local time. Members of the fanclub will be eligible for priority applications for tickets to the concert tour. In addition, Girls’ Generation’s currently active mobile fansites will be closing in December, to be replaced by this new fanclub website.
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[TRANS] 120826 Leeteuk’s Tweets

E.L.F. Japan!! 本当にあいたかったですまたあいましょ!!!
[TRANS]E.L.F. Japan!! I really wanted to meet, let’s meet together!!!

[TRANS] I was very happy to meet Japanese ELF. Still, ELF is the cutest. All of you, take care

중국 오랜만이에요!!!!^^China E.L.F. 다모여라!!!!! 오늘은 광저우에서 미친듯이 놀아봐요!!
[TRANS]It’s been a long time, China!!!!^^China E.L.F. all gather up!!!!! Let’s try playing crazily today at Guangzhou!!

Source: Letteuk’s Twitter
Jap-Eng trans by: hellohazel @ SMTownJjang
Kor-Eng trans by: @Jinnmeow