[NEWS|VIDEO] Listen to Krystal and Jonghyun’s sweet song from ‘Etude House’

Following Krystal’s ‘Sweet Recipe’ for ‘Etude House’, here comes another sweet treat from the said cosmetic brand.
Short but sweet, listen to f(x) Krystal and SHINee Jonghyun’s ‘Shiny Jelly Sweet Song’ below~ Continue reading

[TRANS]120825 Jonghyun’s Tweets

[TRANS]I can’t sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewep dgjsjjdgeubeutdeudnjjdeuteueukdbneud I wanna fall asleoshinseusyeusdsddbdideodjreokdsdo gonna sleeps neodsddid gonna sleep eodsdshdb tuck me in jsdweeugdeusdjijsdsotdij wanna sleepdgdbdnuisjnjj ack eok ke!!!!!!!
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[TRANS] 120822 Singer Bada’s Tweet with EXO


@Bada0228 시사회에서 반가웠던^^샤이니와 EXO 후배들~ 내가sm출신이다보니 지금도 친척같은 이상한 동지애를 느낀다♥ 나에게 인사를 120도로! 깜짝ㅋㅋㅋ~^^예의가발라도 너무바른 ~역시 SM! ㅎ

[TRANS]It was great seeing juniors SHINee and EXO at the premiere. Since I am a former SM Artis, I strangely felt a comrade-like family relationship. They greeted me with 120 degree bow. They are polite juniors; maybe too polite.


Source: Bada’s Twitter
Translation by: overthegyu @ EXOnesia

SHINee’s Jonghyun and Taemin to visit Hong Kong’s Disneyland while filming ‘Sponge’

Highlights (only some parts with translations):

3 Korean Boy Groups consisting of FT Island – Lee Hong Ki, Choi Jong Hun, SHINee – Jonghyun and Taemin, and MBLAQ – Lee Joon and Mir arrived in Hong Kong yesterday afternoon. There were about 200 fans to welcome them at the airport, and there was chaos. There were about 50 security and police officers putting up fences to maintain order, but fans were still seen crossing the road and chasing after their car recklessly and dangerously.

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