Actress Kim Jung Nan is actually Onew’s “Noona” fans

S/N : Naver Real Time Search : #1 Kim Jung Nan | #3 : Onew

[OBS Plus Reporter : Lee Jung] Actress Kim Jung Nan is actually Onew’s Noona fan. Kim Jung Nan appeared for SBS “A Beautiful Morning” on the 3rd. She expressed “Among SHINee’s songs, (I) love “Noona you’re so pretty” the most”; in addition she left a video message for Onew, who won the “(Kim Jung Nan’s) Ideal” World Cup game.

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[PHOTOS] SHINee for Elle Girl Korea & Japan, English translation of Onew’s interview

SHINee is on their way to debut in Japan on June 22nd. To ramp up the excitement, SHINee has appeared in both ELLE Girl Japan and Korea May 2011. They showed off their cute and natural charms in the photoshoot, resulting in a very fresh photo spread to welcome spring.

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