Actress Kim Jung Nan is actually Onew’s “Noona” fans

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[OBS Plus Reporter : Lee Jung] Actress Kim Jung Nan is actually Onew’s Noona fan. Kim Jung Nan appeared for SBS “A Beautiful Morning” on the 3rd. She expressed “Among SHINee’s songs, (I) love “Noona you’re so pretty” the most”; in addition she left a video message for Onew, who won the “(Kim Jung Nan’s) Ideal” World Cup game.

On that day, Kim Jung Nan smiled shyly as they proceeded with the “(Kim Jung Nan’s) Ideal” World Cup game – especially when she had to choose between G-Dragon and Onew. Her troubled expression caused everyone to laugh.

After that, she sent an emotional message for her ideal type, Onew. Kim Jung Nan message to Onew : “Onew-ah, even though Noona has never met you before, but i can self-proclaim that i’m a “Noona”; can i? Noona’s cat is called SHINee. Noona really loves the really well-mannered and awesome SHINee. Onew-ah, Noona really likes you. Noona has been captivated by your voice.” 

On top of that, Kim Jung Nan met Onew’s friend, CNBLUE’s Jonghyun at “A Gentleman’s Dignity” party. She said “I told him, ‘You share a good relationship with/ close to Onew, please relay this message to him – Noona really likes him.” This revealation has garnered attention.

She added “(CNBLUE) Jonghyun tried calling Onew-goon on the spot, my heart was beating really fast however noone picked up the phone. So I was unable to talk to him.”, revealing her disappointment.

In addition, (the program) introduced how Kim Jung Nan maintained her figure by consuming only 1500 calories, garnering everyone’s interest.
Source : OBS | Kor-Chi Trans : 好奇心大过胜负欲 | Chi-Eng : soundtracklove@soompi
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