SNSD’s YoonA and Yuri at the VIP Premiere of ‘Project 577’

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Shin Sekyung Discusses Her Friendship with Yuri and the Final Airing of ‘Fashion King’

On August 16th, Shin Sekyung, who played Lee Gayoung in “Fashion King”, appeared on an episode of “Taxi”, where she was asked about drinking alcohol and revealed, “I recently drank with Yuri unnie.”
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‘Kwon Yuri’s Beautiful Period of Growth’: Yuri Appears in ‘CeCi Magazine’ for a Photoshoot and Interview

Actress Kwon Yuri: another name Girls’ Generation’s Yuri has earned. And a 24-year old Kwon Yuri that we don’t know. At the point where all three images overlap, she started to speak words that were probably thought out for a while now. Yuri’s face wasn’t trying to hide the many worries and different scenes than usual that have been wrapped around her.
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“Fashion King” Staff Impressed by Yuri’s Acting

Girls Generation‘s Yuri is impressing many viewers and TV industry officials with her acting. Currently, Yuri is appearing on SBS “Fashion King” as Choi An Na, who is cold-hearted and career-driven and yet, struggling with deep emotional scars as she tries to, but is unable to, win the heart of the man she loves.

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