[NEWS] Super Junior’s Heechul: “I Want to Get Married Soon”



With many idols going public with their relationships and numerous celebrity couples getting married, seems like Heechul ofSuper Junior has felt his need to settle down as well.

On the March 27 episode of JTBC’s “War of Words,” the cast discussed the recent market trends directed at the single households, when Heechul decided to touch on the topic of marriage.

He said, “Honestly, I wanted to get married early. I have had my share of having fun, and now I have nothing else to do but to marry a girl. I hope to get married fast.”

Married man himself, Kang Yong Suk commented, “It is not that early [if you are 32].”

The only female MC Park Ji Yoon revealed, “Heechul is has recently been asking people to set him up with government officials, because he wants to tie the knot,” and Kim Gu Ra gave the idol advice, “Government officials are not able to understand Heechul’s way of thinking. You should go to Hongdae [area of Seoul known for arts] and meet people who practice installation art or busking.”

“I just want to meet ordinary people,” the Super Junior member confessed after hearing the others’ thoughts.



Source: soompi
Shared at SMTownJjang by hellohazel


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