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36 responses to “About Us

  1. I am so sorry about your blog ..
    I was trying to make my blog in Arabic and English Language for you
    Do you agree with that .. ?!

    • What do you mean by making blog in arabic and english for us?
      If you want to take our article to your own blog, it’s okay as long as you take it out with full credit.

      But, if you want to make another version of our blog in arabian version like this blog: http://min4win.wordpress.com/, we completely DO NOT AGREE with that. It seems like you make the other version of our blog, the only difference is the language.

      We’ve been working so hard to make this blog, and we don’t want our blog to have another version eventhough the language is different, we want this SMTown Jjang to be 1. HERE.

      So, we want you to close your blog, or at least, change the look of your blog, don’t make the look of our blog same as yours.
      Because we don’t want to confuse our readers.


      Thank you.

    • Thank you for closing your blog, we really appreciate that.
      And please do not make other version of our blog again.

      Thank you.

      • hiies… i wanna watch YHS but i can’t… they said that the video is private… but i really wanna watch it:( can you help me?

  2. Hey there SM Town jjang ❤

    how can I watch your videos?? They´re set private, so I can´t watch them…
    I just subscribed to this blog and that´s why I´m not used to anything here^^

    Please help me! I really want to watch them. (SNSD on HT, btw)

    SMTown Jjang hwaiting<33

  3. Can you guys please translate Happy Together Season3 EP.182 – TVXQ & SHINEE Onew & f(x)
    please!! i really want to know what they’re talking about!!

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  5. hIIiii 🙂 i am marwa i frome tunisia plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz come to tunisia with my babies super junior there are many tunisian fans we love ur group sooooooooo much.i hope we meet darling i hope

  6. wau son increibles chicas me gustaria conoserlas y en los videos se ven super HOT jaja ok espero y vengan a Mexico seria super genial si les yega respondan si repito son geniales las quiero bye

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