Yesung is the member that Hankyung envies the most!

According to his name, Yesung is the one who has an artistic voice within the big group Super Junior; he is the one that Hankyung envies, praises, and he possesses a unique yet perfect voice.

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A Letter from Home (By Han Geng’s father)

To know a person well, it’s a good way to know what kind of person of his/her parents first. This is the letter from Han Geng’s father. I am greatly touched by the words in it. There are so many words in it which are familiar to me, as my father used the same words a lot to talk with me, hoping me to be well. I do not know what to say now, only wishing more people will know the real Han Geng better through his father’s words.

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Hangeng mentions Heechul @ Shanghai Fanmeet Press Conference

Reporter (0:35- 0:45): Previously Heechul came to China to film a show, Hangeng said that the both of them have contacted each other, the previous time Hangeng went to Korea, he did meet up with Heechul. Hangeng even smiled and said the next time Heechul comes he’d bring him to the dumpling restaurant.

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