hello everyone! if you have some questions, feel free to leave comments here and our staffs will answer it for you

27 responses to “F.A.Q

  1. hi,,, do u know how could i buy the tickets for the upcoming SM TOWN CONCERT in Seoul??

    i’m not a fansclub member and i dun live in korea……….

    is there any other way for me to get 2 tickets for the concert ?!?!?

    i really do want to go there with my friend ….. :/

  2. hello just want to ask if you have the other 4 parts of the WGM horror special with eng subs? 😀 THANKS SO MUCH FOR ALL THIS! 😀

  3. sorry if you don’t like my requestion i’m a fans of sm artist but can you also update things that is related to Super junior m because zhou mi aand henry sign a contact with lee soo man. please updated new or video about them if you don’t mind thank you!

  4. Hello there!!
    I’m an Indian SMTown fan. We Indian E.L.Fs have bought a star for Yesung and we’ll be obliged if you could mention this in SMTown Jjang. We’re trying to make ourselves known, and it would be a great form of assistance if you could do this for us.
    In case you want to contact us regarding this, here’s our Email ID: indielfs@yahoo.com

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