Ceci Magazine’s Update Twitter with EXO-M

한국에서 활동하는 EXO-K와 평행이론으로 중국을 책임지는 EXO-M! 그들의 한국 첫 화보와 인터뷰가 궁금하다면? 쎄씨 9월호로 GOGO! 😀
[TRANS] EXO-K who are promoting in Korea and EXO-M who are promoting in parallel in China! If you’re curious about their first Korean photoshoot and interview? GOGO to Ceci’s September issue! 😀

Source: Ceci’s twitter
Trans cr: emilie@exok-trans
please take out with full credits.

‘Kwon Yuri’s Beautiful Period of Growth’: Yuri Appears in ‘CeCi Magazine’ for a Photoshoot and Interview

Actress Kwon Yuri: another name Girls’ Generation’s Yuri has earned. And a 24-year old Kwon Yuri that we don’t know. At the point where all three images overlap, she started to speak words that were probably thought out for a while now. Yuri’s face wasn’t trying to hide the many worries and different scenes than usual that have been wrapped around her.
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