[TRANS] Pure Korean Fashion August Issue with EXO-M

Kris: Compared to the K group, Kris’s job as leader of the M group is a lot easier, the kids are all calm and quiet, even if there are some little situations, they are still able to be solved very easily. Therefore, our little Wu leader has more time to take care of himself, his skin care is his top priority, half an hour every night, also needs a sufficient amount of sleep, drink lots of water, it’s only if he has good skin that he is allowed to act cool!
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Ceci Magazine’s Update Twitter with EXO-M

한국에서 활동하는 EXO-K와 평행이론으로 중국을 책임지는 EXO-M! 그들의 한국 첫 화보와 인터뷰가 궁금하다면? 쎄씨 9월호로 GOGO! 😀
[TRANS] EXO-K who are promoting in Korea and EXO-M who are promoting in parallel in China! If you’re curious about their first Korean photoshoot and interview? GOGO to Ceci’s September issue! 😀

Source: Ceci’s twitter
Trans cr: emilie@exok-trans
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