[TRANS] Pure Korean Fashion August Issue with EXO-M

Kris: Compared to the K group, Kris’s job as leader of the M group is a lot easier, the kids are all calm and quiet, even if there are some little situations, they are still able to be solved very easily. Therefore, our little Wu leader has more time to take care of himself, his skin care is his top priority, half an hour every night, also needs a sufficient amount of sleep, drink lots of water, it’s only if he has good skin that he is allowed to act cool!
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Girls’ Generation Poses for an Adorable Photo with Byun Kisoo’s Son

On September 11th, Byun Kisoo uploaded a picture of his baby son with Girls’ Generation on his me2day account. Along with the photo, he also posted, ”Our Eunjae is pining for Girls’ Generation. Eunjae, know that you have a good dad. Haha. You have nine of the prettiest aunts in the world!! Be a good son to your dad in the future! And be healthy!”
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[TRANS] 120807 Leeteuk’s Tweets

우결 저와 소라의 녹화분은 이번주로 막을 내립니다..근1년중에 정작 얼마하지못해 아쉬움이 크지만 그냥 인간 박정수를 보여달라며 편하게 해주신김준현 피디님..상희누나 경미누나..고생하셨습니다!!소라두..^^
[TRANS] Teuk’s tweet: With this week’s recording(,) me and sora’s WGM will come to an end..in this nearing to one year(,) there are really a lot of things that I couldn’t do(.) Even though its a big pity(,) being able to comfortably show the human side of Park Jungsoo(,) Kim Junhyun PD-nim..Sanghee noona Kyungmi noona..you’ve worked hard!! Sora as well..^^

Source: Leeteuk’s Twitter
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