Who does SHINee’s Onew give a diamond necklace to?

SHINee’s Onew recently gave Sunday The Grace a diamond necklace as a present and drew a lot of attention.

Onew made a cameo appearance in the April 23 episode of SBS Plus’ Monday sitcom Oh My God x2 and enjoyed dating Sunday, who plays the role of Bo Ra in the sitcom.

Onew fell in love with Bo Ra at first sight and tries hard to capture her heart. He performed “Sherlock” in front of her and gave a diamond necklace to her as a present. Even though his fans and reporters surrounded them, he protected his girl and made the scene so sweet.

Onew said, “I have appeared in a musical and movie but I’ve never appeared on a sitcom. I think appearing on a sitcom is very attractive.”

The episode of the sitcom, in which Onew appeared, will air on April 23 at 8:00 p.m.

Source: Star Daily News
Credit: en.korea.com
Shared by hellohazel @ SMTownJjang 

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