[TRANS] 120826 Leeteuk’s Tweets

E.L.F. Japan!! 本当にあいたかったですまたあいましょ!!!
[TRANS]E.L.F. Japan!! I really wanted to meet, let’s meet together!!!

[TRANS] I was very happy to meet Japanese ELF. Still, ELF is the cutest. All of you, take care

중국 오랜만이에요!!!!^^China E.L.F. 다모여라!!!!! 오늘은 광저우에서 미친듯이 놀아봐요!!
[TRANS]It’s been a long time, China!!!!^^China E.L.F. all gather up!!!!! Let’s try playing crazily today at Guangzhou!!

Source: Letteuk’s Twitter
Jap-Eng trans by: hellohazel @ SMTownJjang
Kor-Eng trans by: @Jinnmeow

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