BoA’s mother talks about BoA’s past and their family’s future

We previously reported on two interviews Newsen had with BoA’s mother, the first involving why BoA chose SM Entertainment as her agency and the second about how BoA faced some near death experiences. In this final interview with Newsen, BoA’s mother spoke about BoA’s past as well as their family’s wishes for the future. You can read the previous interviews here and here.

At the age of 13, BoA Kwon entered the Korean music industry, beginning her road to stardom. She took on the Japanese music market the following year. Soon, she rose to become considered as the number 1 female singer in Korea but there was one person who served as an anchor to her so that she would not lose herself for debuting at such a young age.

That person is Sung Youngja, BoA’s mother. She managed to raise three children who became very successful people. The eldest became a pianist, the middle child became a music video director, and the youngest rose to become the Star of Asia. Sung Youngja recently published a book titled The Golden Rule, which revealed the story on how each child became successful, the methods on how she raised her children, and a detailed description of their family life.

In the most recent interview with Newsen, BoA’s mother expressed the amount of strength each child has given her by stating, “Because our children are each absorbed in work that they like, they didn’t blame the environment which took a turn for the worse. Maybe it’s because they poured all of their passions into what they were doing, but it seemed like they didn’t take in the household situation. I felt very, very apologetic but rather, they gave me strength. I felt that children become such a source of strength, they are a treasure. So I received strength and was able to move forward.”

The three siblings lived in a house so small and flimsy that their hair would form icicles during the winter months. But not once did they complain; instead, they endured their hardships and worked towards greater goals. BoA herself was unable to live with her family after she debuted due to household circumstances so she briefly lived with her aunt.

What was the first gift that Boa presented to her mom after her debut? BoA’s mother said that “the first gift BoA bought after her debut was cosmetics. Even now whenever I start to run low on cosmetics she buys more. She’ll buy them from a duty-free-shop so that I’ll use ones of good quality. She’ll tell me not to use whatever is left over and to throw it out, and will buy new ones.” However, she is unable to throw items away so easily, even still having all of BoA’s clothes from when she was younger. Perhaps it is due to her mother’s influence that BoA lives an economical life despite being a very successful star.

“They say that BoA is on the frugal side among celebrities as well. BoA said ‘Mom, they say that I don’t spend money. I really must be your daughter.’ When celebrities are successful they can fearlessly drink and spend money to their hearts’ content. Even now when BoA buys clothes she asks me for my permission. She says that for some odd reason she feels uncomfortable when she doesn’t receive my permission. When she spends money she takes note of me. When I ask her why she does that she says she has to in order to feel at ease.”

Finally, Ms. Sung was asked what she wants in her daughter’s future. She responded with, “I want her to work for as long as she wants to, and after that for her to live normally as a wife with a lovely family. She’s led a long run as a star and has lived like that for a lengthy time so I think it would also be good if she become and lived as the most ordinary person.”

An ordinary life sounds quite impossible given the immense popularity that BoA possesses. Ms. Sung laughed happily as she said, “The children said that later we should build a country house and all live together. They said it would be nice if mom and dad lived on the first floor, BoA on the second, and our oldest on the top.”

The family is quite happy for being able to dream of a future where they can all live together under one roof. BoA, whose popularity spreads worldwide, became earnest even in difficult situations and was born from the embrace of an unwavering family who became happier as they were able to dream of a future together.

BoA and her family has endured a lot of hardships but they all managed to make the best of it and paved a road to success. Do you believe they will attain the future they wish for one day?

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One response to “BoA’s mother talks about BoA’s past and their family’s future

  1. This is an amazing and heartfelt story. I know BoA is getting ready to do a dance movie but I think a documentary would be better! Every story her mother has told so far has gotten me emotional. I think when BoA decides not to do it anymore.. I will be sad but happy that she can finally live her life in a way that’s not so demanding. I love the Kwon family!!!

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