BoA’s mother speaks on how BoA nearly died twice!

Earlier this week, we reported on how BoA was scouted by over 15 companies before signing with SM Entertainment. BoA’s mother spoke out about how she raised her children, the reasons as to why BoA signed with SM Entertainment, and how BoA was scouted to begin with. BoA recently celebrated her 10th year with SM Entertainment. Read the full story on why BoA chose SM Entertainment over 15 other companies

Now, BoA’s mother speaks out again, but this time, it is the story of how BoA escaped death twice in her lifetime. How close were we to not seeing great hits such as ‘Amazing Kiss’ and ‘Hurricane Venus’? Too close for comfort!

On September 10th, 2008 BoA was wearing a cast on her left arm when she appeared at the press conference to announce her entry into the American market. Although BoA entered the press conference with a bright expression as though it was nothing to be concerned about, in reality the condition of the arm inside the cast was more serious than people thought.

When BoA was only 5 years old, her mother and father were operating a ranch in the Namyang Province. Although BoA cried and adamantly refused to go with her parents, her mother brought her along as she did not want to leave BoA at home alone.

As BoA’s father was holding a wooden post to put up a column at the ranch, he lost his grasp. He was exchanging small talk with a guest, who was visiting the ranch. BoA, who had been standing by her father’s side watching, was hit on the forehead by the post and immediately collapsed, bleeding.

BoA’s mother admits that she “thought BoA had died.” She continues on to say, “That’s when I very clearly realized that I have to listen to the things my children say. If BoA had died then, I would have endured heartache my entire life. As I watched her thankfully survive, I felt that I should allow my children to do as they wished.”

BoA suffered a severe injury during this incident, as blood streamed down her face as she fell, the white bone of her forehead was visible. Her parents, shocked and unable to breathe, thought that their daughter was dead. However, BoA suddenly bounced up and screeched, “I’m going to die!”. They immediately rushed her to a hospital, where she received 17 stitches to her forehead.

While this incident was the most serious of the two, her second near-death experience came much later in her life. In 2008, before holding a press conference for her debut into the American industry, BoA had another accident. She tripped on a staircase and had to attend the conference with a cast on her left arm.

Her mother showed extreme concern when recalling her daughter’s injury, saying, “When she injured her arm, the doctor was unable to properly anesthetize her. She had to endure the pain and be anesthetized again.” She continued on to say that “others spoke dismissively of it, asking why she was overreacting to a injury so minor.”

The injury, as minor as it might have seemed, was in reality a very serious injury. BoA had to have major surgery in 2009 to drive a metal pin into her arm due to the fall.

Her mother explains that all she sees when BoA is on stage is “the scar on her forehead she received as a kid. In a mother’s eyes, only the things that others do not see are visible. Even when others see BoA’s impressive image, all I can think about is the pain and effort that she has put forth.”

Do you feel as if you know BoA a bit better now? It’s hard to imagine a K-pop industry without BoA! We hope she will be more careful in the future and that no harm comes to her.

Source: Newsenlive love laugh and Koreaboo
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