SHINee’s Minho works hard to play the piano for “Pianist”

This is Piano Teacher’s Review on Minho’s Drama Special:

The final episode of Pianist will be aired on 20th November, Saturday 11.20PM.

Roughly 3 weeks ago, I was contacted though one of the school teacher’s brother, I joined the production of this drama’s music production

As the show has not been aired, not much can be said. However around 4 classic and duet recording were made. For special guest, SHINee’s Minho who has never played the piano before, I worked hard to teach him how to play the piano. Yesterday after SHINee Minho ended a very late schedule, he even looked for me at the working studio to practice for around 3 hours.
Although he has never played the piano, he absorbed information like a sponge, and i thought this is indeed some one who trained at SM. Actions and sound as well as the feeling that should be brought through, he managed to grasp them really well. Being an idol is indeed different.

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Source: Baidu/Naver
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3 responses to “SHINee’s Minho works hard to play the piano for “Pianist”

  1. Does “he absorbed information like a sponge” mean that he’s able to play piano after such a short practice/training?
    Does it mean he was the one who played it, just as we see on the drama? I’m just curious. It’s not that it is impossible — well, yeah, telling the truth, I just feel it’s rather impossible for someone who never ever plays piano before.

    Thanks in advance for any reply 🙂

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