SHINee Taemin Gained Weight

Former member of legendary idol group g.o.d, Danny Ahn, and handsome idols SHINee recently took a picture together.

On the 22nd, at the KBS Cool FM “Danny’s Music Show” homepage, a photo with the caption “with SHINee” was left.

In the picture, you can see DJ Danny with the guest stars, SHINee’s Key, Minho, and Taemin. What caught netizens’ eyes was the fact that Taemin looks as if he had gained a bit of weight.

People commented, “It’s been long since I saw SHINee~”, “It looks like Danny and SHINee are friends.”, “Danny’s skin is really good.”, “Taemin gained some weight~” and more, showing different reactions [about Taemin].


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Translated by ilysmtown @ SMTownJjang

12 responses to “SHINee Taemin Gained Weight

  1. I think he looks alot healtier now. When debuting he was only skin and bones, now he has some meat on his body and probably a little more muscels 😉

  2. Dear Taemin,

    You gained weight more on your cheek than anywhere else.
    Maybe you had too much salt in your diet.
    I think its the salty snacks. Please try to cut down the salty snacks then your cheek would be less chubby.
    Fan that care more about your health than your look.
    Love you 4ever!!
    Toronto, Canada

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  4. If he gained weight It wouldn’t be bad, he was too skinny before, maybe now that he’s becoming an adult we can see a manlyer Taemin, in this pic I think he looks Hot <3, and my favorite Key is too skinny 😦 please be healthy!!

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