f(x)’s surprise feature on Marie Claire with all five members!

f(x) has been featured on the latest edition of ‘Marie Claire, and not with four members but all five members!

f(x)’s rapper Amber finally made an official appearance on a photoshoot, revealing her complete makeover which shocked the fans.

All 5 girls showed off a chick and elegant look in black and white fashion. The ladies charismatic poses perfectly expressed their individual charms.

On this photoshoot, Amber sports a fierce platinum blonde hair, Victoria expressed her natural beauty while Krystal, Luna and Sulli looked slightly serious and matured idols.

With April approaching in less than two weeks, an SM representative stated, “We’re glad f(x) has been receiving positive comments from the fans, especially Amber since she appeared in an official photoshoot after a very long time. The girls of f(x) are working very hard and they are trying many different styles to express their individual charms for their comeback.

The full photoshoot and their full interview will be found in the April edition of ‘Marie Claire’.

Source: Newsen
Translator: Jae + Hyerin Kim
Credit: Aff(x)tion Forums via dkpopnews


3 responses to “f(x)’s surprise feature on Marie Claire with all five members!

  1. I am so happy that Amber is back and I am so anticipating for their comeback in April! I want that edition, they all look so handsome and gorgeous ❤ f(x) Hwating!!

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