[NEWS] Taeyeon cried when she heard Gee?

At first, Girls’ Generation wasn’t as popular as they are now. In fact, Girls’ Generation was constantly running behind the Wonder Girls. This all changed when they released “Gee”, a hit single that swept the nation and set a record for number of weeks it placed first on the charts.

However, not everyone liked “Gee”. In fact, Taeyeon hated it so much that when she heard it, she cried because she didn’t want to sing it. Taeyeon added that she hated both Gee and Hoot, and yet both songs are popular. She said that the only song she liked that they promoted was “Run Devil Run”.

It seems that Taeyeon doesn’t like the styles that are associated with “Gee” and “Hoot”, but prefers the opposite style that they used for the concept of “Run Devil Run”. Does this mean that Girls’ Generation might promote more “dark concept” songs in the future?

Which Girl’s Generation style do you like best?

Source: Segye

Credit: Koreaboo

13 responses to “[NEWS] Taeyeon cried when she heard Gee?

  1. From Gee to Oh to Run Devil Run to Chocolate Love to Hoot, there’s nothing to be regret. These songs are great! 😉 Taengoo, don’t worry, everything’s just a beginning. You will soon sing black concept songs. 😉

  2. absolutely all their songs thats why i really love SNSD especially their personalities! They are not just as a singer or dancer but they are entertainer!

  3. I like ‘run devil run’ the most.
    Most because of the rythmen and music style.
    ‘Gee’ is fine, but not as cool as ‘run devil run’. And ‘hoot’ is okay, I think its a liiiitle better than ‘gee’

    but all of the 3 songs are okay 😀

  4. I love all their songs, but I love Hoot best!
    I’m glad that these girls aren’t afraid to say what’s on their mind! Their honesty is part of the reason I like them so much!

  5. its cute that she cried and i would be very embarrassed if i had sang that song when i was Taeyeon’s age because its so childish. but then again, you grow into the song, and now i absolutely adore it

  6. I’m totally not surprised by that lol since she’s such a strong singer. I’m not the biggest fan of the cute concepts either. They can come across a bit gimmicky no matter who’s doing them. I think so far my fav songs by SNSD are Genie and Chocolate Love. Interestingly enough I love Hoot but RDR didn’t do anything for me. Didn’t like Oh! and I can only tolerate Gee because Minho’s in the MV. I totally can’t wait for SM to focus more on SNSD’s talent and less on concepts for their title songs. I see Taeyeon being in the female version of S.M. The Ballad or doing a solo album in the future. I know she’ll be in heaven.

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