Star Call – Jonghyun



Hello, this is SHINee’s Bling Bling Jonghyun.
My puppy Byulroo- I want to talk about Byulroo.
Byulroo is a friend that I bought for my noona’s birthday.
Her name- Oh, I should explain how she got her name.
Byulroo slept at our dorm for the first time.
But she pooed on one of Minho’s t-shirts.
So Minho was like, “Wow, that’s pretty byulroo.”
I felt sorry for Minho and since his shirt was pooed on,
I told him to give the dog a name.
Then Minho was like, “She’s Byulroo. You’re Byulroo.”
So she became Byulroo……………………….
Isn’t it nice? Bye!

translation: kimchi nana @soompi
T/N: It’s hard to translate what byulroo means. It’s like… meh.
It’s not hate, it’s not dislike. It’s just… meh. Whatever.