SM’s Lee Soo Man Snaps Photo with Hillary Clinton

On April 9, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton hosted a special movie premiere. Various celebrities and politicians participated in this special event including director Luc Besson, actress Michelle Yeoh, US Ambassador-at-Large for Global Women’s Issues Melanne Verveer, Assistant Secretary of State Kurt Campbell, ex-Olympian Michelle Kwan, and so on. SM‘s Lee Soo Man proudly made it to the list of official invitees as the only Korean.

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SM stocks have recovered, thanks to SNSD’s “Mr. Taxi”

Because of the recent disasters in Japan (a massive earthquake, subsequent nuclear meltdowns, and aftershocks), the Japanese market has not been looking good at all. In fact, because of these disasters, some were speculating that the “Hallyu Wave” would not successfully carry over to Japan market. Therefore, the stocks of SM and other entertainment companies were driven down–SM alone fell 20% (from 20000 won to 16000).

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Shawols angry at SM for overworking Onew

Onew as "Drew" for Brothers Were Brave musical.

While recording Star King on February 21st, Onew apparently became sick (no clear details, some say he almost fainted) and was not able to DJ Sukira either–Minho had to fill in. Shawols have observed that out of all the members of SHINee, Onew has been the most overworked in 2010. Judge for yourself! Here is a list of activities Onew has done in 2010 and 2011:

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SNSD is SM’s Ace

SNSD is SM’s Ace

On August 16th, it was revealed that SM Entertainment earned 47.5 billion won (~$40.4 million USD) in sales and 18.6 billion won (~$15.8 million USD) in operating/business profits. This earning was a lot more than expected. Just the first quarter of this year, SM hit a record of 22.7 billion won (~$19.3 million USD) in sales and 10.4 billion won (~$8.8 million USD) in operating/business profits.

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Yuri, Sooyoung, and SM Entertainment Support Celebrity Rights and Fair Contracts

SM Entertainment revealed today that they have become a leader in protecting celebrity rights.

What exactly does this mean to the entertainment business? According to the people who attended the meeting (which includes Grand National Party committee leader Jo MoonhwanSMErepresentative Kim Youngmin, and SNSD), their main mission has been to hold a “proclamation to establish the development of celebrity contracts.” The people met on July 6 to create such a proclamation, which would hold the purpose of promoting the creation of reasonable contracts between entertainers and management companies, protecting the rights of celebrities, and improvingthe overall state of the entertainment company. It took quite a bit of discussion before all parties present finally proclaimed that what they had accomplished was satisfying to their standards.

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