[Video] 2010 Dream Concert!!! [Updated]


f(x)-NU ABO

Shinee – Ring Ding Dong

SNSD – Run Devil Run

SNSD – Oh!

Super junior – Bonamana


cr: CrazyCarrot330@youtube

2010 Dream Concert Encounters Problems

SNSD only gets 3 sections? We’re more popular … Why do we have less number of seats than Super Junior fans?”

A month before the 2010 Dream Concert is to be held on May 22, tensions are already rising.

At the Dream Concert, many popular artists come to the same venue and perform, making it unique. Since it only comes once a year, this is seen as an opportunity for fans to give their favorite singers strength, becoming one. On April 22, tickets went on sale at 7PM and were sold out within one hour, as a result of fans who wanted to go support their favorite singers.

Instead, problems are arising with the division of seats. At first, there isn’t any assigned seating arrangement for fans of one artist. Instead, the organizers contact the entertainment companies, assigning them sections so the the entertainment companies can report this to the respective fan clubs through their official websites.

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