[TRANSCRIPT] 101011-101013 Super Junior Kiss The Radio

*H = Eunhyuk; T = Leeteuk

101011 Famous kids in school

H: During my primary school, there was a new student from other school joined our class. To tell the truth, I was a popular kid in my school that time, so my friend came to me and said, “what should you do now? you have a new opponent”.
T: That new student also show his gums when smiling?
H: This has nothing to do with gums. That student received lots of love in our school, so I felt that I should switch to other school too. (laugh) Switching school is a good thing for handsome kids because they’re going to be famous in that school.
T: It’s really good, I know that. (laugh)
H: (speechless) (laugh)
T: I switched school after I finished my 1st grade. The day I switched to my new school was the election day for class monitor. After sitting down, the new classmates came toward me and said, “hey, I will vote for you”. “Why? why vote me?”. “Because I like you”. (laugh) So I became the class monitor in my 2nd grade, and 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th…I was always voted as the class monitor. (laugh)
H: When is it? Primary school too?
T: Yes.

101012 Eunhyuk’s face

T: Lim Subin (audience) said, “I drew Eunhyuk oppa during my art class. I really tried my best to draw, but I only got grade ‘B’ for my drawing. The teacher told me that nextime I should draw someone who is good looking”.
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Hangeng mentions Heechul @ Shanghai Fanmeet Press Conference

Reporter (0:35- 0:45): Previously Heechul came to China to film a show, Hangeng said that the both of them have contacted each other, the previous time Hangeng went to Korea, he did meet up with Heechul. Hangeng even smiled and said the next time Heechul comes he’d bring him to the dumpling restaurant.

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[TRANSCRIPT] Kyuhyun’s Heartbreaking Story on Strong Heart

Kyuhyun on 강심장 (Strong Heart) ㅡ the title of Kyuhyun’s story is “Living a second life”.

He says it’s the first time he talks about this on a program. He starts off by saying it happened three years ago, when he was going back to the dorm after having guested on Leeteuk’s and Eunhyuk’s KTR with Shindong. They were on the road, he had his eyes closed and had his earphones on because he was listening to music; then, he suddenly heard loud noises, the screeching of the tires on the road and finally the van started overturning.

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[Trans-Video] Ryeowook said, ”f(x) hoobaes are very cute especially Sulli”

Super Junior loves their hoobaes f(x) very much! They like to take photos with them and the member Heechul seems to be the most luckiest guy in the world because he completed his f(x) collection with the five members a while ago. Do you want to know how much the boys love them, check out the transcript and video below at Young Street!

Heechul: So Ryeowook, when do you feel I have become joong gyung?[1]
Ryeowook: The hoobaes, they’re very cute.
Leeteuk: Recently, who’s the cutest?
Heechul: The cutest female idols recently
Leeteuk: This person, I really want to acknowledge her as my dongsaeng
Ryeowook: No..
Ryeowook: What?
Heechul: Shindong, please control yourself.
Ryeowook: Yes..that’s f(x) dongsaeng
The boys: f(x)! Ahhhhhh!! *cheers and sings f(x)~*
Leeteuk: f(x)…f(x) is five people
Donghae: five people
Kyuhyun: Why must ask whether its five people?
Ryeowook: Isn’t it that we meet in the practice room? In the practice room, its always without make-up. Just like that. Just very pretty.
Leeteuk: Who’s the prettiest?
Ryeowook: me?
Heechul: Who’s the cutest?
Donghae: Who…among the five?
Ryeowook: For me… Sulli

[1] a singer who has certain experience but still have many sunbaes

There’s no reason to dislike the girls =)

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[TRANS] Sukira Transcripts 2010.04.26-28

100426 Shaoyang * Leeteuk
Leeteuk: Today, I was embarrassed by myself. I went to the traditional chinese medicine hospital to get acupuncture and the doctor said I was of a “westerner’s constitution”, and couldn’t eat chicken and blahblah. I said I needed to exercise, and could not abstain from chicken…… The doctor keep saying my body type is ‘Westerners, Westerners’. I was so depressed, why can’t a western body type can’t eat chicken, don’t they keep eating chicken. So, I couldn’t stand it and asked him, “Doctor, what’s a Westerner’s

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Super Junior-M wins award, records new album!

Super Junior-M received the Mengniu Dairy China TOP award for Most Popular Group (polled in Mainland China). They were not present to receive the award personally, obviously, but Zhou Mi, Henry, and Siwon recorded an acceptance speech. Only Zhou Mi and Henry spoke and they mentioned that they are recording a new album. Video of their speech and a transcript below:

All: To everyone in the MusicRadio audience, hello, we are Super Junior M.
Zhou Mi: We’re very happy to receive the Mengniu Dairy-sponsored award for Most Popular Group, but regret that because of work, we can’t be at the ceremony to share our joy with you all, but we thank you very much for all of your support.
Henry: First, we’d like to thank our record company, SM, as well as MusicRadio, and um… and…
Zhou Mi: Mengniu Dairy!
Henry: Right! Oh, and of course, our fans.
Zhou Mi: Super Junior M has spent two years in China now, and because we have your support, we will keep working hard! Also, we will record our new album, and we hope that everyone will continue to support us. Thank you!
All: We are Super Junior M!

Credit:evaporate @ LJ for translation/transcript
Posted by Kacey @ dailykpopnews
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[TRANSCRIPT] 09.12.11 Sukira Transcript, I have no choice, because I’m too famous

091211 Sukira Transcript

I have no choice, because I’m too famous
Leeteuk: There was once, I parked my car, and wanted to quietly listen to music. Suddenly, from the side, someone came out of a taxi, and closed the door very forcefully. At that time, I really wanted to get out of the car and scold that person, but in the end I held it in, because I am too famous.
Eunhyuk: There was once, when I less of a choice. That day, I drove my car to the company, the car was quite dirty, and it hadn’t been washed for a long time. Hence, the fans gathered at the front of the company used tissue napkins to help me wipe my car…… Actually, if you use tissue napkins to wipe (the car), it is very rough*, but they had good intentions, so I couldn’t say anything. I was really heartbroken……
Leeteuk: You’re a lot better off than me. There was once, I parked my car at a subway station. At that time, the left side of the car was applied with something, I’m not sure if it was hand cream or wax. Do you remember it?
Eunhyuk: Yeah.
Leeteuk: Later, I went to the security post and took a look at the CCTV recording, it was four fans that applied it. Sigh, in the end, I still held it in……

*Rough: Eunhyuk is referring to the texture of the tissue napkin. It might have left some paper residue on his car, or created some minor scratches

Source: Kimseohye
Korean to Chinese translations by Kimseohye
Chinese to English translations by –dreamx @ sj-world.net


[TRANSCRIPT] 091204-091210KTR + 091121 KTR, embarassing incidents, dream blind dates

Sukira Transcripts

Lee Hyukjae is an embarrassing name
Eunhyuk: There was once, when I stayed in the hospital, it was very embarrassing. At that time, I broke my right finger bone and had to stay in the hospital, and after being discharged, it was time for the follow up checkup. I took a number and sat there waiting, and the longer I waited the more awkward it became. No matter what, I am an artiste, and even if I was wearing a cap, I was in no shape to be seen sitting there. And when they call your number, they usually call your real name, when I stood up it was even more embarrassing, everyone was looking at me.
Leeteuk: It must be you feeling that way.
Eunhyuk: No, really, they were looking at me, and some children that knew my real name were able to recognize me. So this name of mine has given me a lot of problems, even before debut.
Leeteuk: You feel you’re very popular?
Eunhyuk: No… There is an artiste with the same name as me, so…
Leeteuk: Oh, Lee Hyukjae sunbae makes you feel embarrassed?
Eunhyuk: No… This name is too popular, so it is embarrassing because everyone can recognize me. This name, Lee Hyukjae, is not embarrassing at all.

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