[NEWS] SNSD’s Taeyeon spotted on her way to work


SNSD’s Taeyeon was recently spotted on the street.

Some pictures of Taeyeon were recently uploaded on an online community board under the title of “Taeyeon on her way to work. She’s in green.”

The pictures were taken when Taeyeon was going to the set of KBS 2TV’s Music Bank for rehearsal. Because of the cold weather, Taeyeon is frowning.

Her unconventional fashion style is especially eye-catching. From the hair to the gloves, she’s all in green. She also put a green hairpin in her bangs.

People who saw the pictures responded: “Taeyeon’s fashion style is so cute.” Taeyeon is so cute.” “Adorable.” “I love her two-tone hair.” “I feel sorry for her.” “Her skin is so clean.” “The green color looks good on her because her skin is white.”

SNSD will hold a concert at the Kobe World Memorial Hall on February 9 under the title of the 2013 SNSD Arena Tour.

Source: TV Report || Korea.com
Shared by Royalfuchsia@SMTownJjang
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