[NEWS] SNSD’s Yoona cries on Shinhwa TV


SNSD’s Yoona recently cried.

On the episode of JTBC’s Shinhwa TV that aired on February 3, a preview for the episode that will air next week, on which SNSD members appear, was shown.

In the preview, Shinhwa members do a hidden camera event for Yoona in celebration of the guest appearance of SNSD. In the event, Yoona gets humiliated in a quiz and gets selected as the ugliest member in SNSD.

Realizing that everything has been part of the hidden camera event, Yoona says in tears, “I’m so frustrated.”

People who watched the preview responded: “It must have been really hard for Yoona to participate in the shooting in such conditions.” “They went too far.” “Yoona must have been really frustrated.

Source: Money Today || Korea.com
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