[NEWS] SNSD’s Yoona Currently Feels Uncertain and Intimated


Current psychological status of SNSD’s Yoona will be revealed on TV.

In the episode of Y-Star’s Curious that will air on February 3, several experts analyzed the star’s habits and gave their interpretation about her current psychological status.

When the experts saw Yoona’s habit of biting her fingertips, they analyzed, “It is the revelation about the uncertainty and intimidated feeling of her current life status.”

After hearing this, the emcee Jang Won sent her an encouraging message: “That’s probably because you feel burdened of keeping the top status. Yoona, you’re the best all the time.”

On the other hand, Big Bang’s G-Dragon also has a habit of poutting his lips and an expert analyzes it, “It’s one of the ways of stabilizing his anxiety about himself,” and mentioned a burdensome status “idols” may have about gaining much popularity.

About a picture drawn by the Wonder Girls’ So Hee, another professional advises her, “She seems as if she never wants to reveal herself to others, but she needs to try to open herself in communicating with others.”

Source:  TV Report || Korea.com
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