[NEWS] EXO-K They Sing Well and They are Ve~ry Nice!


The members of the idol group EXO-K are known for regularly participating in voluntary service since predebut.

EXO-K spent a busy 2012 year as they received rookie awards in important award ceremonies such as South Korea’s Entertainment and Art Award and the Golden Disk Awards. But what caught our attention aside from that is that the members had been regularly volunteering for community service since before their debut.

The representative of a child welfare center in Seoul, Seongdong-gu, told No Cut News on the 17th, “Starting from last year, the EXO-K members visited regularly, they did the cleaning and such, they also played with the children” and “I was surprised because they approached us first to ask if they could come to visit us.

Then he praised them saying, “They’re enjoying themselves while working well” and “They looked like friends that were brighter and healthier than the other children their age. Even if the children were annoying them since they recognized them, they were playing well with them.”

EXO-K are volunteering steadily and have been coming to this center quarterly. They didn’t set precise dates yet but the members are thinking about continuing their voluntary service in 2013 as well.

The representative of EXO-K’s company, SM Entertainment said, “They have been participating in voluntary service since predebut,” and “We know that they visit various centers such as children shelters and nursing homes.”

He explained why they were doing voluntary service, “When you receive love from the fans, you can easily get used to only receiving,” and “We encourage the trainees to do voluntary service in the sense of becoming people who share.”

He then added, “As for EXO-K, we asked them, ‘What do you think about continuing to volunteer after your debut as well?’, and the members all agreed so they are still doing it,” and “They go every time they have free time in their schedules.

source: no cut news
translation cr; emilie @ exok-trans
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