[TRANS] 120807 Leeteuk’s Tweets

우결 저와 소라의 녹화분은 이번주로 막을 내립니다..근1년중에 정작 얼마하지못해 아쉬움이 크지만 그냥 인간 박정수를 보여달라며 편하게 해주신김준현 피디님..상희누나 경미누나..고생하셨습니다!!소라두..^^
[TRANS] Teuk’s tweet: With this week’s recording(,) me and sora’s WGM will come to an end..in this nearing to one year(,) there are really a lot of things that I couldn’t do(.) Even though its a big pity(,) being able to comfortably show the human side of Park Jungsoo(,) Kim Junhyun PD-nim..Sanghee noona Kyungmi noona..you’ve worked hard!! Sora as well..^^

Source: Leeteuk’s Twitter
Translate by: @teukables

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