[TRANS] 120826 Kangin’s Tweet

이제는 혼자 와야한다 잘하자 영운아 복귀하고 첫 개인활동이다 그만큼 중요하고 노력했다 이제 내가 날 다시 찾자 이제는 앞으로 가자 내 등 뒤엔 벽이다 큰걸음으로 성큼성큼가보자 아자!
[TRANS] Now I have to come alone(.) Do well(,) Youngwoon-ah(!) It’s my comeback and my first personal activity(.) I’ve worked hard as much as it is important(.) Now(,) I have to find myself once again(.) Now(,) let’s move forward(.) It is a wall behind my back(.) With big steps(,) let’s try to stride on(,) aja!

“잠이안오네 어제 오늘 나에겐 너무 과분한 무대에서서 그런가ㅋ반갑게 반겨주신분들 너무감사해요 아직은 내것이라고 생각하지는 못하지만 빨리 내것으로 만들게요 너무 열심히한 멤버들 회사식구들 수고많으셨어요 잘자요”
[TRANS] I can’t sleep(.) Probably because I was on a pretty much undeserved stage yesterday(and)today(.) ㅋTo the people who greeted us pleasantly(,) thank you so much(.) Even though I have still couldn’t think of it as something that is mine yet but I will quickly make it mine(.) Our members and company members who worked hard(,) you’ve worked hard(.) Sleep well

Source: Kangin’s Twitter
Translation by: @Teukables

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