[TRANS] 120822 Singer Bada’s Tweet with EXO


@Bada0228 시사회에서 반가웠던^^샤이니와 EXO 후배들~ 내가sm출신이다보니 지금도 친척같은 이상한 동지애를 느낀다♥ 나에게 인사를 120도로! 깜짝ㅋㅋㅋ~^^예의가발라도 너무바른 ~역시 SM! ㅎ

[TRANS]It was great seeing juniors SHINee and EXO at the premiere. Since I am a former SM Artis, I strangely felt a comrade-like family relationship. They greeted me with 120 degree bow. They are polite juniors; maybe too polite.


Source: Bada’s Twitter
Translation by: overthegyu @ EXOnesia

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