120817 – Ray Li Magazine’s Weibo Update

EXO-M的粉丝们!这可是福利贴哦!9月《瑞丽服饰美容》即将上市!里面就有你们心心念念的EXO-M花美男偶像团体的帅照及采访!@EXO-M @EXO-M粉丝后援会 @EXO-M全球粉丝汇 赶紧去抢购啦! @IM王宏宇

[TRANS]EXO-M’s fans! This is actually a beneficial post, you know! September’s “Ray Li Fashion and Beauty” is coming soon! Inside, there’s the handsome flower boy idol group, which you care deeply about, EXO-M’s handsome photos and interview! @EXO-M @EXO-M粉丝后援会 @EXO-M全球粉丝汇 Hurry up and buy it! @IM王宏宇

Source; Ray Li Magazine’s weibo
Trans cr; xuan@exom-trans
Please Take Out With Full Credits. 

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