[ENG] f(x) Exclusive Interview With Sina


Hi Sina viewers, we are fx.

Q: It seems that Luna just had her birthday. How was it?

Luna: It seems that whenever my birthday comes, we are shooting MVs. But being able to celebrate with my members and the staff makes me happy.

Q: What kind of style did you prepare for Electric Shock?

Luna: After pinocchio for which we received a lot love for, we spent a lot of effort in preparing for Electric Shock with the aim of expanding globally.

Q: Were there any unusual incidences that happened whilst preparing for your comeback?

Vic: I don’t think so, it seems we are always asked this question. Nothing special really happened, we just happily prepared for our comeback, especially since we haven’t had a comeback in a while.

Q: Your album cover is really unique. Did you choose the animals yourself?

All: We just chose which animal we wanted

Amber: I only saw the costumes at the actual place. I was worried if it would look good. But since we’re fx, we can do it.

Q: So what is fx’s charm?

Luna: Because we are fx, we don’t have a fixed style so we are always open to different styles. This applies to our music as well, and we hope that listeners can be able to pick up and say “this is fx.”

Q: fx’s music has been described as very unique. What were your thoughts when you first performed?

Amber: At first, we were like what is this. But after recording, I realized it was fun and it could be popular.

Q: Who experiments the most with music?

Amber: I wrote the rap for Beautiful Stranger. It was difficult but I had fun

Q: fx has been to many countries to perform.

Vic: Yes, we’ve been to Europe, France, and Asia. We were surprised to see our international fans standing up and dancing along with us as we performed.

All: we should go to Egypt and do Hot Summer Egyptian style. [chuckles]

Q: Whenever SMTown has its concerts, what kind of performance does fx desire to achieve?

Luna: We shot the movie <I AM>, and we hope SMTown can do more of something like this in future, it can be shown in award ceremonies for example.

Q: What were your happiest moments?

All: When we won first for Pinocchio.

Luna: But more than that, we knew we could only come this far because of the support we received. So with this in mind, we prepared for Electric Shock. Whenever we are feeling tired, we always remember these happiest moments and they motivate us to work harder.

Video by: forsongqian @ YouTube
Chi-Eng Trans: dec/ktlurve

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