[TRANS] 120815 Leeteuk’s Tweets

 ever since I was a kid, I didn’t have confidence. So I never changed hairstyle since debut~ I get embarrassed w/ other hairstyles so I couldn’t change it but since it’s been 7 years since debut, I wanted to break that rule~ Your complex gets worse the more you hide it~ I want to try everything now..^^

[TRANS] http://t.co/x4Ll0v1Z I’m not the best in singing and also not best in dancing but I am as passionate as the next guy in concerts and I’m proud of this.. The only space I can get crazy in.. which road is the correct road for me?

[TRANS] it’s raining a lot ~^^ I learned again today.. working hard and gonzo has just a feather difference.. I should treasure myself now and love myself..^^ Sometimes I look back at my hard work and think about it being gonzo.. rain like this sometimes is good ^^

Source: Leeteuk’s Twitter
Translation by: @NKSubs


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