CSJH The Grace’s Stephanie making a comeback as a solo artist under Media Line after a 5-year hiatus

CSJH The Grace’s Stephanie will make a solo comeback after being on hiatus for five years from the music industry in South Korea.

On August 14th, multiple officials told Star News that Stephanie had been preparing her solo album in secrecy. Stephanie will greet her fans in South Korea with a new song as soon as September.

In addition, it was reported that Stephanie has left SM Entertainment upon the expiration of her contract and signed on with Media Line, the home of Kim Gunmo and Park Minkyung.

Media Line officials added, “Stephanie is currently practicing her choreography and recording. Stephanie’s comeback track will most likely be a dance track.”

In 2007, Stephanie suffered from a back injury as she was preparing for a Japanese concert. She has long since recovered. Officials said that she “is currently practicing the choreography without difficulty. She is expected to meet fans again, healthy.”

Stephanie was quoted saying, “The 6 months I suffered from a back injury, I didn’t leave the house, and I suffered from loneliness and depression.”

Her contract with SM Entertainment is expiring, but has not yet completely. Stephanie’s first solo album will be co-produced by Media Line and SM Entertainment.

An official said, “Stephanie has been treated for her back injury and is ready for a comeback. But she is still a teacher at SM Entertainment, and so the two sides are discussing on how to release the album.”

The last track that Stephanie released in South Korea was “One More Time, OK?” as part of CSJH The Grace back in 2007. Five years have passed since then. She also participated in the Japanese single release in July 2008, “Stand Up People.” It has been four years since then.

Stephanie had been working with hitmaker Kim Changhwan, which has attracted a lot of attention. Stephanie is already known for her excellent dancing skills, and her collaboration with Kim Changhwan is making many anticipate her comeback solo stage.

Stephanie debuted in 2005 as part of the girl group, CSJH The Grace, along with members Dana, Lina and Sunday. Following a back injury in 2007 and a long-term recovery, Stephanie has been active as a ballet dancer back in Los Angeles, performing in “The Nutcracker.”

Meanwhile, CSJH The Grace had its first sub-unit debut last year in July WITH DANA&SUNDAY, releasing the group’s first new track.

Source: Star NewsNewsen and Star Today
Credit: Koreaboo
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