[TRANS] 120813 Leeteuk’s Tweets

[TRANS] I saw the devil..!!^^ㅋ The result of exercising after work ends everyday~~made it look like I was doing nothing else other than exercising..ㅋㅋof course its something that I do because I like it~~its hard to see the devil with no editing no lighting!!etc (but I did it) even without controlling my diet^^full!!

[TRANS] @AllRiseSilver Aigoo Eunhyuk-ah(,) congratulations~^^ you kept losing (to) hyung and you won once(,) you are happy right?of course~~it’s the first time that you won(,) how great it must be ㅋㅋ in that case(,) hyung thinks that it’s a good thing(that you’ve won)~Congratulations anchovy!!

[TRANS]It will be revealed at Star King’s Momjjang (section) in a little while!!^^

Source: Leeteuk’s Twitter
Translate by:@teukables


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