[Trans] Super Junior at Star1 Magazine interview (Part1)

Q: Super Junior’s activities after a year.

Sungmin: As we’ve been doing performances, I don’t think that it’s a long time. I see it as an extension. We’ve been constantly doing performances overseas, but it’s been a long time since we did activities in Korea. We are looking forward to it and seems like the fans are also looking forward to it.
Yesung: As we have been constantly doing performances overseas and we originally had good team work, it isn’t too difficult. Although Kangin is joining us, after his blank period while serving his military, there’s no problem in working together as we have already had our team work from working together for a long time before that.
Kyuhyun: It seems like the music quality for this album has risen. The composition is good and more effort is put into the album.
Eeteuk: Whenever the album is out, I think of it as the last one because by doing so, I’ll work harder and put in my best. With that, we’ve come to the 6th album unknowingly. ‘6’ is a very significant number to our team. Because there’s a saying that it’s hard for idol groups to have more than 5 albums, but we did it. And it seems like we’ll be able to create more records, I’m already looking forward to it.

Q: The concept for 6th album is ‘beautiful males’. Looking at the teaser photos, it’s a really different look from the members’ usual look of playfulness.
Sungmin: Honestly, I didn’t like mine at first because it came out like a female. I didn’t want to emphasis so much on the femininity. There are other photos that I like. Although the teaser photos were feminine, you will be able to see beautiful males photos inside the album.

Q: How was the process for 6th album preparation. Super Junior is well-known for group dance, I’m looking forward to the performance.
Sungmin: We stayed up for 3 nights as we filmed the Korean version and Japanese version MV together. We had to repeat the dance twice so we’re really tired but a sick overseas fan, from New York, came to visit us at our filming site. It’s the first time we’re revealing our filming site. That fan was happy to see us but we’re even happier to see her. We’re thankful to be able to give someone consolation and happiness. Thanks to that, we’re forgot about our tiredness and were able to film more enjoyably.
Kyuhyun: The dance choreography is done by the choreographer who choreographed ‘Bonamana’ the previous time. We had a hard time adjusting to the dance during 4th album, we also had a lot of trouble this time. But because of that, the quality has risen. The viewers will be able to receive the fresh and dynamic feel.

Q: Yesung’s face seems narrower. You lost weight.
Yesung: I have to put in effort in maintaining as my face swells easily. When I’m changing style, I maintain as strongly as the feedback I hear. So, my weight has gone down now as compared to ‘Bonanama’ period. I’m really slim amongst the members.

Q: Super Junior is a group that has already reached the best position. Is there any target you would like to meet with the 6th album?
Kyuhyun: We have already received the Golden Disc award for a few times and set the record of winning the 1st position for more than 100 weeks in Taiwan. I do not have lingering desire for awards now. I’m already thankful that we’re able to have the 6th album. Honestly, as compared to overseas, it seems like there are parts where Super Junior is rated lowly in Korea. It’d be good if we can be viewed fairly now.
Eeteuk: During rookie days, I have dreams of receiving1st place, receiving rookie award, receiving bonsang. But I have no lingering desire for awards now. As compared to that, I now want to be a long-running group and a group with good team work. In the singing industry history, are we the first group to be made up by so many members? From now on, I’ve desires for stuff that are more valuable than awards.

Q: Super Junior members all have units, acting, musical etc. Everyone is working hard in their individual activities.
Sungmin: I don’t have special longing for solo activities. When we’re all doing activities together, it’s reassuring because the members are here. So, personally, I enjoy doing activities together more. Although there are many things to take note of during solo activities, it also has its attractiveness – I’ll be able to do it, I’ll be able to solve any problem, I’m able to do new challenges.
Donghae: I filmed a drama in Taiwan some time ago. It’s a new experience. I’m filming “Miss Panda and Porcupine” in Korea now. I’ve finished about 1/3 of it currently. As I’m acting as a pastissier in the drama, I learn breadmaking once a week, for about a month. If you’re not particular about it, I am able to make an edible cake easily. Although I need to prepare 2 days before, require 3-hours and there are some flaws, but I’m glad that I’ve experienced something new thanks to the drama.
Yesung: I don’t have many chances for solo activities as compared to the other members. Personally, I’ve met producers and related staff. In some meetings, I’ve been given the leading role, but I gave up because of concert schedules. No matter what, Super Junior’s activities have priority. However, if there are chances, I would like to try challenging something new like the other members.
Kyuhyun: There are many members who are acting, doing musical, showing individual abilities in various solo activities. As compared to seeking for what I want to do, I am the kind who wait. Because I believe that opportunity will approach me if I wait. Indeed, I wanted to do musical and was given a chance to do it, I did entertainment because an offer came in. I think that opportunity will come as long as I’m prepared. I have to be prepared in order to grab that opportunity.

Q: Is Eeteuk going to admit into military after 6th album.
Eeteuk: As I’m working now, going to the military is a burdensome thing to me. But, thinking about the love that I’ve received in these 7 years and the flourishing activities we’ve done, I think it’s time I should go to the military. Thinking if I will be able to get as much love as what we’re getting now, it is true that my mind is really confused. But after sorting out my thoughts, I think that I should go in quickly and come back with a new look. My mind is comfortable now.

Translate: @heequeenTing


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