[NEWS] BoA is embarrassed of the line “chuka chuka chu” in “ID; Peace B”

Singer BoA (26) has revealed the one track she is embarrassed by. BoA appeared on KBS FM’s “Hong Jinkyung 2PM” radio show as a guest on August 8th. She chose “No.1,” “Tree,” “My Name” and “Energetic” as some of her best tracks.

However, BoA revealed that she did not like “ID; Peace B,” her debut track. When asked why, BoA replied, “I’m ashamed of the lyrics ‘chuka chuka chu.’ I’ve banned it from my life,” creating laughter in the studio.

BoA and PSY’s friendship was then revealed during the show. Recently, PSY has been enjoying worldwide popularity after his music video for “Gangnam Style” went viral. Not too long ago, PSY was reported to have gotten love calls from the United States.

She said, “I enjoy listening to PSY’s album. He recently called me to tell me that he received love calls from the United States. I don’t understand why he told me that. If you think about it, PSY’s my junior.”

While BoA and PSY both made their debut in 2000, PSY made his debut 2 months after BoA with his first album.

Netizens commented, “It’s funny that BoA banned the track,” “Good debut,” and “It was the best back then.”

Meanwhile, BoA released her 7th album, “Only One,” her first comeback in 2 years.


Source: Sports Seoul and TV Report || cr: Koreaboo
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