[TRANS] EXO-M Pop Magazine 539th Issue (part2)

Unable to Resist – Charismatic Point

Use a phrase to describe what has changed about the member next to you
(to Chen) Improvement
 (to Xiu Min) Learning
Xiu Min: 
(To Lu Han) Prettiness
Lu Han:
 (to Lay) Noisiness
(to Kris) Coolness
 (to Tao) Growth

A new personal skill you’ve recently developed on
Kris: Recently, I’m really good at doing “Carp Kip-Ups”. Because I’ve done repeated practice, I’m quite confident.
Lay: I still have a lot of skills I have yet to reveal
Lu Han: (looking at Lay and laughing) Me too, my personal skills are enough for now
Chen: Xiu Min-ge and I have recently been learning new Chinese duets. As for what songs they are, it’s confidential. But I hope everyone will look forward to it.
Tao: (Why is your whole face pleased?) My most recent new skill is nunchucks. (the charm of a child’s speech is very hindering)

Airport Fashion
Kris: We really want to work harder in the airport fashion aspect, but the circumstances don’t allow it. Because the airports are usually really crowded, in order to walk faster, we can only choose to wear more comfortable and not clothes that can be a nuisance and are too decorative, and we won’t wear too much jewelry either. But no matter under what type of circumstances, we will do our best to show everyone our best appearance. Also speaking of which, actually our style…… isn’t really suitable for fashion is it?
Lay: We’re still celebrities, we can’t say we completely don’t care about our airport fashion, but up until now we can only try our best to be clean and tidy, each member has their own prefered style, but comfortable and natural styles are the main themes, we’ll use a lot of on details.

The objects a person who is flying carries
Kris: Everyone’s circumstances aren’t the same, but all of us will definitely bring along our passports and our IDs. Because our activities in China and our schedule in Korea are interspersed, usually after the schedule in China finishes, we go to Korea for a short rest. There are also situations where we go back and forth in 2 days, we constantly have to take planes, so passports and IDs are necessary.

How do you pass time during journeys?
Everyone usually brings their iPad or iPod with them, mainly to listen to music. To singers, music is just like support, we listen to all types of music a lot every day.
I usually use my iTouch to listen to music
 Occasionally we play all types of games as well, Lu Han and Xiu Min are both experts at games, they’re really good at them.

The question you’re most afraid of being asked during a conversation?
Kris: Are there really any questions like that? (Da Zui raised his eyebrows) we’re still newbies, there’s still a limit to the amount of shows we appear in and the amount of interviews we receive. But everyone usually only interviews us once they understand us a bit. So it’s alright, so far there aren’t really any questions that I’m afraid of being asked.
Da Zui: (winning or losing burns brightly) we’ll work hard to make you afraid…… (something doesn’t seem quite right)

Before going to sleep, reading time – a book you’ve recently read?
 Our interview in “Pop Magazine”
Da Zui: ……thank you.
Kris: Because we don’t have time to go out and buy books, and due to our schedule we don’t have time to read books. But we’ve recently been reading magazines we’ve had an exclusive interview in previously. The one (book) you saw before coming through the door was <Pop Magazine>.
Da Zui added:
 Da Zui gives copies of the magazine to the members as soon as possible, ensuring a copy for each members. But when I entered SM, what I saw on the staff’s work table was <Pop Magazine>, Da Zui was comforted. On the other hand, even Cody-jiejie’s makeup box has <Pop Magazine> on it.

A youth’s troubles, worrying about home
 When I first came to China, because it felt unknown, saying that I wasn’t feeling uneasy would be a lie. But the members were together all the time, we ate together, we lived together, we traveled together, we flew around the country together, because they were always by my side, I always felt at ease, we also talked about our thoughts about being homesick. Also, no matter where we went, there was the fans’ warm support, seeing everyone’s warm faces gave me great power, and instead there was no feeling of discomfort about anything any more.
Xiu Min: If we’re talking about times I felt uneasy, then it would be the language, where I felt quite impatient about. I wanted to communicate with other people even better, I wanted to use Chinese skilfully like the other members, to understand what the fans say to me, so I work really hard in the aspect of learning Chinese. Luckily the people around me all speak Chinese, also having been to all different places in China, every time we go to one of the places, I will work really hard to learn new words, and to communicate with everyone. I’m really looking forward to my future improvement in Chinese.

Source: weibo
Translate: hyerin + xuan @exom-trans


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