[TRANS] EXO-M Pop Magazine 539th Issue (part1)

A Huge Attack on Life!
The practice room is the nest of the youngster’s dreams. Facing the practice against the mirror on the wall, days after days, and years after years, only for the day their dream would come true. The practice room beared the weight of the youngster’s feelings, recording their diligence, and overflowed with a carefree youth. This place holds an atmosphere that only they know the best, and also carves their most distinct emotions, the hope they have while they are still ignorant, the unsatisfied times of rebellion, the unaffected times of innocence and the hardships during the time of waiting. Thinking of their humble courtesy and their practical progress, and not only their consciousness towards their identity; they will also naturally, together with the sweat they have sweated, be cautious and cherish everything they have gained from their hard work.

It has only been 100 days since their debut, and apart from the explosion of countless cute points from the kids, they have all distinctly grown. Since the release of the popular official teasers from the company to the times that countless announcements appeared, and the times after all sorts of cruel performance stage tests. When they urgently need to interpret the even newer present,’s small Beijing team courageously broke through into SM’s Beijing segment, alongside the midsummer July’s sunny afternoon, they thoroughly interviewed EXO-M, informing the resting headquarters. Within the hearts of the young men after the inseparably close notices, was the joy and bitterness behind their popularity, we are fortunate that we’re able to meet despite the current distance, also we’ll be able to let you hear their most genuine voices.

Occupying the lens and Announcing Ambitions

Da Zui: Out of the programs you’ve participated in, in which type were you most ambitious?
Kris: I hope to participate in more programs like “Do Your Best”. Actually, what type does that come under? (Da Zui: sports competition type) Right, sports competition types of shows. Even though during “Do Your Best” I wasn’t very good at it…… (Da Zui: Falling off after one second? The dragon entering the water?) About that, let’s not mention the past. Anyway, I wish to be able to join competitive programs like these, and prove my all-rounded ability to everyone (bright and shining gaze)
Lay: As for me, the programs that are the competitive-types are too clever, too exciting. Opposite to me, who has a bigger amount of ambition towards large-scale public performances and varieties, because they allow more people see us, while in variety shows, the interaction and chemistry between the members will not lose to anyone, hence, playing games is also one of our fortes. Everyone is happy; For instance, our first broadcast of “Happy Camp“‘s “Hug Group”.
Lu Han: I also like competitive-type programs, the programs are all very new and odd, a lot of thought is put into them and at the same time, you get a feeling as though you’re actually in the competition, it’s very exciting and very fun. I really enjoy the process of the competition in every segment, also the competition itself is actually a really good form of relaxation. (The bright odor of the football youth hits you right in the face.)
Xiumin: Actually, I have a strong ambition for all types of broadcasts. However, during the combined stage with the 12 members of EXO in the “15th anniversary of Happy Camp”, it left the deepest impression on me; on such a meaningful stage, there will be the excitement of every cell pulsating; as expected, a combined performance is what gives us even more pride.
Chen: Actually, I’m anticipating a language-type talk show more, no matter what kind of broadcast, the most basic requirement is the exchange of languages, I hope I’ll be able to use the most accurate language and attitude to express myself, hence, I’m doing my best in learning Chinese, I want to let everyone know Chen’s art of words earlier.
Tao: I’m also more biased towards “Do Your Best”. Those sections were all very interesting, and when I played them, I played them rather well (secretly aiming at leader, where veins emerged in a flash on his forehead) However, I especially like variety shows. (Recently, there was a huge burst of confidence in variety skills.) There are many unexpected game segments, the live stage is also very relaxing, the sudden situations challenge our reactions and the atmosphere is comfortable. Hence, I want to try everything. (Da Zui is somehow shocked, not afraid of the sky nor the earth, he is afraid of the youngest doing things outside).

Da Zui: Following your rising popularity, your schedules are also becoming extremely busy, how do you usually release stress?
Kris: Actually, the state of your mind is the most important, you have to maintain a good state of mind, because of our schedules, at times, we become entranced to the city which we’re in. However, in the middle of activities, even though we face entirely different environments every day, no matter where we go, everyone gives us a lot of love, the staff that we work together with are also very good, the fans who try their best to support us are also good, it makes us feel very thankful. Actually, everyone has worked harder than we have, creating many good factors for us, so we don’t have any reasons not to work hard, in that way, the pressure is turned into power even more.
Lay: Of course, the state of one’s mind is important, on the other hand, it still needs seasoning. On the side of “ingredients (of the seasoning)”, our members do it very well. Everyday, all of us will have problems which may cause everyone to laugh at, today is Tao, tomorrow is Xiu Min, there’s no end to our laughter (Da Zui’s whole face ruminates, Lay clears his throat.) Indeed, I’m the person who contributes the most amount of “ingredients”. (Everyone laughs.) Because I can’t withstand cold atmospheres, if everyone’s not really in the mood, I would…. (Da Zui: steps forward bravely) That’s right, “sacrifice myself” to let everyone laugh.
Lu Han: Even though the schedule now is quite compact, everyone’s self-maintenance is done rather well, my resting time every day is considered sufficient so I feel that I’m still able to adjust to it, there isn’t a feeling of being too tired, I can maintain a good state.
Xiumin: Because I’m doing something that I like to do, and the members are always together, it’s still pretty active. My parents will also give me a fixed support and encouragement so I’m able to quickly adjust the state of my mind.
Chen: I sleep a lot, and can sleep easily. I’m able to sleep in the car, on the plane, in the waiting room, the outcome of using sleep to overcome fatigue is very good; Usually, Xiumin-ge and the rest will remind me to take care of my body so my state is not too bad either.
Tao: Usually, when I feel extremely tired out by our activities, I will think about the happy things. (Da Zui: taking a stroll?) No, for example, when I’m hungry, I’ll think that we’ll be able to eat once we reach the dormitory and after we finish eating, I won’t feel hungry anymore. (Da Zui facepalms) I’m also able to do many things that I like to do and when I think about all these, I work harder in order to hurry and return to the dormitory (youth sure is good, the dormitory is the best) hence I’m always able to adjust my state.

Whole Group Performance – Show & Party

Da Zui: Your feelings towards the “Happy Camp 15th Anniversary” whole group performance?
Kris: First of all, the “Happy Camp 15th Year Anniversary“‘s performance was our first broadcasted performance in China with all 12 of us, also “Happy Camp 15th Year Anniversary” is a very meaningful and important activity. The importance of these two points needs no further explanation towards us. Also in contrast to our first showcase’s period of time,both EXO-M and EXO-K have already experienced different types of activities, we have already accumulated a lot of performance experience. With all 12 of us performing together once again, we are able to feel each other’s growth and change. Everyone wants to show our improvement to each other as well as to the fans. I can even think back now to that excitement of when I wanted to show everyone the coolest performance with all 12 of us. As well as that excitement of wanting to see the fans’ warm response.
Lay: I’m really thankful towards our fans, for being so nice to us. We accepted the passion and help of the fans the whole time whilst we were on and off stage properly. Also, even though it’s the second time EXO-K have come to China, it was the first time they participated in a Chinese show and even one with a performance with all 12 of us, so they were a bit nervous. The fans gave them an equally large amount of encouragement, making them very excited, and we members of M therefore felt at ease.

Da Zui:  In ”The String of Fire’s Impact,” at the end, Kris, who succeeded did it very skillfully and easily, do Xiu Min and Tao who did not participate have a desire to win thinking “I can do even better”?
Xiu Min: You shouldn’t speak of winning or losing, but I really can do better, because…… I am Xiu Min (in Chinese). The reason I didn’t try it was so that the show would look even funner. I gave them all some space (the four who played the game at the time). Otherwise, if I came out, they wouldn’t have any chances of showing off their skills. (Da Zui adds in: this game looks quite easy, but there is still a significant amount of difficulty to it . However during the time everyone was having a showdown, the way Kris did it all was so arrogant that it made everyone really want to make fun of him)

Da Zui:  Are there any personal explanations related to the main dancers & rappers’ special performance stage, <Two Moons>?
  Regarding this dance stage’s set up, I want to talk about it especially.  Even though Kai and I are the main dancers of the two teams separately, but to me, he is a senior who entered the company first. When I first entered the company he already danced really well. At the time, I would practically always practice dancing with him after lessons, but the opportunities for us to have a dancing battle were rare. To be honest, towards people who like dancing, a dancing battle is an enjoyable event. But during the Seoul and Beijing showcase, during the “Two Moons” performance’s dancing battle, Kai and I were a bit nervous hence we didn’t enjoy it.  But this time, for “Happy Camp”, that wasn’t the case; There was that “feeling of anticipation” that leader mentioned earlier, the stage was very close to the audience, we could see every single fan’s face clearly, the encouragement they gave to us was even more direct, it was the perfect atmosphere for the dance battle. Also leader and Chanyeol’s rap was also very charismatic, the mood was easily ignited. So you could say Kai and I were really engrossed into it at the time, we were completely high. After the dance battle we were both really happy, it’d be great if there will be more of these types of dance stages in the future (infinitely looking forward to it).

Source: weibo
Translate: hyerin + xuan @exom-trans


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