[TRANS] 120807 Leeteuk’s Tweet

약골,온몸이 종합병원 난데 밤새가며 그리고 결혼식날 신혼여행도 미루고 운동해준 이영만트레이너 덕분에 지금 멋진 몸이 만들어지고 있다 허리가 끊어질거같고 몇번이고 쓰러지면 할수있다고 힘을준영만이형 고마워요!!^^ pic.twitter.com/mYStBKh3
Weakling, my whole body seems to come out from the general hospital(,) through (working out) the [trans] whole night with Trainer Lee Youngman, who even postponed his honeymoon on his wedding dinner(,) thanks to him(,) I’ve now made a handsome body(.) There were several times where my hips felt like it was about to break but thank you to Youngmannie-hyung who gave me strength and said that I can do it!!^^

스타킹 몸짱킹!!중간점검때 제대로 공개합니다!!기대해주세요!!^^몸짱킹의 대장님 이영만트레이너의 선수들 연예인 그리고 일반 출연자들까지!놀라운 일이 펼쳐집니다!!^^coming soon!!!!
[trans]Starking Great Body king!!It will be revealed during the mid-inspection!!Please anticipate!!^^Great Body king’s boss(,) Lee Youngman trainer’s athletes, celebrities and general contestants! Something shocking is going to unfold!!^^coming soon!!!!

Source: Leeteuk’s Twitter
Translate: @teukables

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