[NEWS] BoA’s “Vega Racer 2” CF for Pantech released

Pantech Korea has revealed their aggressive marketing strategy as they announced their new CF model, BoA, who is joining one of their current models, actor Yoo Seungho.

BoA has been chosen to model the Pantech mobile phone, “Vega Racer 2,” to which the CF has been released.

BoA and Pantech are no strangers to one another. In 2003, BoA was one of Pantech’s mobile phone models, and it seems that the two will continue their ties with one another with the “Vega Racer 2.”

Yoo Seungho, on the other hand, was chosen as the model for the Pantech mobile phone, “Vegas S5.”

In April 2010, Pantech launched their first android phone, “Sirius,” and since that launch, they have sold over 6 million of their smartphones. The “Vegas S5” was launched in July and features a 13-megapixel camera with a 5-inch screen, which received a lot of attention.

The “Vega Racer 2” has a ceramic body, a first for a mobile phone, with a 4.8-inch and 720p LCD screen.

Check out BoA’s latest mobile phone CF below! The background track is BoA’s “The Shadow” from her latest studio album release, “Only One.”

BoA CF “Vega Racer 2”

Yoo Seungho CF “Vega S5”

Source: skyandroidans || cr: Koreaboo
Shared by Royalfuchsia@SMTownJjang
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