Super Junior’s Leeteuk says, “I called Kang Ho Dong and he said he missed me”

Super Junior’s Leeteuk said what he talked about on the phone with Kang Ho Dong.

In the episode of MBC TV’s Joo Byung Jin Talk Concert that aired on May 3, Super Junior made a guest appearance and Leeteuk told an anecdote about Kang Ho Dong.

In the episode, Leeteuk introduced himself as a person who looks gentle in appearance but tough in spirit, saying, “Effort and time never betray sweat.”

Leeteuk said, “A person who I know well told me that life is not only about getting a chance. He also said that there might be a difficult time, I have to get stronger.”

At this, host Joo Byung Jin asked if that person is Kang Ho Dong, and Leeteuk said yes.

Lee said, “Kang Ho Dong is a great teacher of mine,” “Like the kids cannot easily call their teachers, I couldn’t call him often either, afraid that he might not answer.”

Lee also said, “And I screwed up my courage and called him eventually. I was really moved as he said, ‘I miss you and love you.’”

In the episode, SM Entertainment artists, TVXQ’s Yoon Ho and Chang Min, Super Junior’s Leeteuk and Eunhyuk, and SNSD’s Tiffany and Seohyun made a guest appearance.

However, the episode only displayed viewer ratings of 2.8%.

Source: Starnews
Shared by hellohazel@SMTownJjang

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