[VIDEO] Hyoyeon shines on MBC’s ‘Dancing with the Stars 2′!

On May 2nd, Girls’ Generation member Hyoyeon showed off her mature and confident beauty as she performed her first dance routine with her partner for the recording of MBC’s ‘Dancing with the Stars 2′.

On the first episode of ‘Dancing with the Stars 2′, which aired on April 27th, Hyoyeon, who is known to be an outstanding dancer even among the many girl groups, showed a certain level of awkwardness and discomfort with her same-aged partner due to the amount of physical contact that was happening between them. However, regardless of the worries she had at the beginning, Hyoyeon was able to capture the audience with her alluring eyes and powerful movements, creating a turn of events.

Other than Hyoyeon, the other contestants such as actors Sunwoo Jaeduk, Lee Hoon, Choi Yeo Jin, Ye Ji Won, soccer player Song Jong Gook, kick-boxer Denis Kang, architect Kim Won Chul, singer Tony Ahn, entertainer Choi Eun Kyung, pocket-ball player Kim Gayoung and rhythmic gymnast Shin Suji all performed their dances on stage, and actors Lee Duk Hwa and Kim Gyuri hosted the show.

Meanwhile, ‘Dancing with the Stars 2′ will air tonight (May 4th) at 9:55pm KST.

Credits: osen.co.kr
Translated by fanwonder.com
Video Credit: 
Shared by hellohazel@SMTownJjang 

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