SNSD’s Soo Young says that the movie I AM is a present to her

SNSD’s Soo Young recently revealed that the movie I AM reminded her of her resolution she made as a trainee.

On April 30, the showcase for the movie I AM was held at a CGV movie theater in Yeongdeungpo, Seoul. . Many acts representing SM Entertainment, including SNSD, TVXQ, SHINee, Super Junior, and Gangta, attended the event.

SNSD’ Soo Young said, “Watching the movie, I was surprised to see some scenes from old days that even I don’t remember. I was really impressed and wondered how the film makers managed to get those old films and edit them for a movie.”

The leggy beauty of SNSD added, “The movie really reminded me of the old days. It was too busy for me to recall the old days when I was a trainee and the resolutions I made during those days. Watching the movie allowed me to do that. The movie is dedicated to all the fans of SM Town’s artists, but it looks like a great present for me.”

I AM is a biographical film featuring SM Town’s artists and their years of efforts and the stories behind the process of becoming world-famous stars—the first Asian singers to perform on the stage at New York’s Madison Square Garden, a center of pop music. The high-profile movie will be released on May 10.

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