SHINee’s Key never takes a guy with him when meeting girls

SHINee, the boys of older female fans’ dream and the youngest “idol” group of Korea, reveals each member’s drinking habits.

In this week’s episode of Weekly Idol-This Week’s Idol, SHINee appears as a guest and each member’s profile is looked into depth. The line that draws the most attraction is about the members’ drinking habits. The production crew became overly excited as the group did not hesitate to freely talk about it.

First, Key starts off with a short episode happened at a get-together, unveiling On.U’s drinking habit. On hearing this, On.U gets him back by revealing his drinking habit. He says, “Whenever Key gets drunk, he becomes pretty and full of charms,” and surprises everyone on the set with his unusual habit.

When the emcee Defcon asks, “Is Key different when treating girls from guys?” all members give shocking answers such as, “I don’t see the difference.” or “He never brings a guys with him who seems to be better than him at certain point when meeting girls.”

Despite all “dropping-a-bombshell” talks, Key remains calm and saves himself from the situation with a sense of humor. Also, the star makes all staff on the set burst out laughing by actively participating in a “cute gesture” contest. He appeals with his so-called “Key’s cute charm from birth” against “Jung Hyung Don’s cute gestures.”

Source: Star Daily News
Shared by hellohazel@SMTownJjang 


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