BoA is in India, “She looks good in casual clothes”

Singer BoA recently went to India.

On May 1, the production crew for KBS’s Road for Hope tweeted a picture with the comment, “BoA, star of Asia!  She is in India.”

In the picture, BoA is walking along an Indian street by herself. She is wearing casual clothes, a pair of sneakers, a hat, and backpack. She is staring at something while holding a camera.

The production crew added, “It’s already 40 degrees at 9:00 in the morning. Unfamiliar hot weather and views. Now we are going inside to meet some children.”

BoA previously explained why she couldn’t attend the showcase ‘I Am: SM Town Live World Tour in Madison Square Garden,’ which was held on April 30, by tweeting, “I can’t attend the preview for I Am because I’m in the middle of my abroad schedule. But since I came here to do good deeds, I will do my best.”

People responded: “I’m glad to hear that she is in India.” “She went there to do good deeds.” “She might have a hard time there.” “I can see BoA on TV again.”

Source: TV Report
Shared by hellohazel@SMTownJjang 


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